Wellness in the New Year: A Practical Approach

17 December 30, 2015 - At Home, Essential Oil Recipes, How to Use Essential Oils, Mind & Spirit, Recipes, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

As the new year approaches, most of us make resolutions to live better. For many, that usually includes eating better, exercising, and adopting other healthy habits. Here are a few tips to help in your quest for wellness:


1. Improve Your Intake
  • H2Whoa!: Simply increasing your water intake will help detoxify your body and motivate you to be more conscientious of what else you’re ingesting. Try adding tasty essential oils to your water make it more interesting. Lemon, Lime, and Tangerine are all favorites, but don’t forget Grapefruit, Lavender, and Peppermint! In fact, try making your own Grapefruit-Mint Spritzer to enjoy a great blend of flavors that may make sweets and sugary drinks a little less appealing.
  • Supplements: If NingXia Red® and Core Supplements aren’t already part of your daily regimen, try adding them in the coming year to add an infusion of nutrients and essential oils to your day.


2. Sneak In Some Exercise
  • Take the long way: We keep hearing it because it keeps working! Walk the long way to the bathroom, park farther out in the lot, or take the “bumblebee” approach to your grocery list. A few more steps each day go a long way in the end.
  • Flex: In line at the store, on the couch watching TV, during your shower, or any other time you’re otherwise sedentary, flex your abs for 10 seconds at a time and repeat at least 10 times to tone and strengthen your core.
  • Ditch your desk: Forget the phone or email and walk to your coworkers’ desks to talk, have walking meetings, pace while you’re on the phone, stretch regularly at your desk, and take a short walk for your breaks. It’s easy to get your 30 minutes of exercise each day when you break it into 10-minute increments.


3. Review and Revise
  • Meditate: Take time each day for quiet reflection and meditation on your goals. Just a few minutes to nurture your soul each day will help give you a greater sense of purpose and well-being.
  • Track it: The simple act of observing something creates observable changes. So keep track of your food and water intake, your exercise, your meditation, and any other goals you have—you’re bound to improve on them!
  • ALL results motivate change: Even if the scale goes up or you miss your workout, recognizing mistakes and their consequences will help keep you motivated to improve. Likewise, your positive results will help you keep up the great work.


Small changes can make a big difference in physical, mental, and emotional health. What are some changes you’re making for a better you this year?


—Marinda Wilson, International and Portfolio Brand Manager, Nutrition

  • June

    What oils do you recommend for someone who is just wound too tight?

    • Hey June, great question! There are many oils that can recommend, but here are a few. Patchouli essential oil is great when diffused to enjoy its calming, relaxing, and peaceful fragrance. Peace & Calming also helps calm and relax. You can add 4–5 drops to Epsom salts and add to bathwater for a calming, relaxing bath. You can also diffuse Ylang Ylang for a floral scent, or Cedarwood for a woodsy scent that have calming, relaxing, and soothing aromas. Lastly, the Stress Away roll-on is the perfect on-the-go natural solution to combat stresses that creep into everyday life. This deliciously unique blend of essential oils makes relieving daily stress convenient and easy. If you are still wanting more options, please visit our product guide on our website. Have fun exploring and experimenting!

  • Inez

    My allergist has told me that I am allergic to a natural chemical called Balsm of Peru. It is in citrus, spices, mints, and some other items. Would I react to some of these oils?

    • Hi Inez, As you have specific sensitivities we would recommend speaking with your health care provider prior to using essential oils.

  • Gail H Roberts

    What starter kits allow you to become a Distributor?

    • Great question, Gail. New distributors in the United States may choose the Basic Starter Kit for $45.00 or one of the following Enrollment Kits:
      Premium Starter Kit featuring the Dew Drop Diffuser (Item No. 5463) for $160.00
      Premium Starter Kit featuring the Bamboo Diffuser (Item No. 4724) for $170.00
      Premium Starter Kit featuring the Aria Diffuser (Item No.5465) for $260.00
      Premium Starter Kit with Thieves® (Item No.5466) for $160.00
      Premium Starter Kit with NingXia® (Item No.5467) for $130.00
      We hope you enjoy the Starter Kit of your choosing!

  • Erika Wile

    I wish I could use all the wonderful products with wolfberrries in them but I cannot have nightshades in my diet.Can a Master Formula be made excluding wolfberries? So sad I cannot drink the NinXa either but I juice daily and eat a very healthy diet.

    • Hi Erika, We are sorry to hear that the Master Formula is not suited to your needs. We appreciate your suggestion and will forward it on to the appropriate department for future consideration. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hi! I was wondering if YL uses organic fruits in NinXa Red? I am almost solely organic and this would encourage me to drink it. I have tried it and it is delicious! TY ♥

        • Great question, Loretta. Although they are not certified organic, all of the ingredients in NingXia Red® are heavily reviewed and inspected for the highest quality. Vendors are audited and their ingredients are tested in-house to ensure we only use the most beneficial products. We hope this information is helpful!

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