Using Lemon Essential Oil

0 March 12, 2009 - Archive

As we continue to dedicate the month of March to rediscovering lemon essential oil, what better way to celebrate this versatile essential oil than with some great product tips from our dedicated Young Living Independent Distributors?

Check out how Tammy Loro is putting her lemon essential oil to good use:

“After spray painting the wrought-iron fence around our pool, my husband had paint covering his index finger. He came in asking where I kept the mineral spirits, but I quickly retrieved my lemon oil and handed it to him. He skeptically put it on his fingers and after barely rubbing them together the spray paint was completely gone. He immediately asked, ‘And where do you keep the lemon oil?”

Whether you use lemon’s powerful, all-natural cleaning abilities or want to add some zest to your recipes, it is easy to incorporate lemon into your daily routine! Lemon is so versatile that you’ll quickly find you can’t go a day without it! Some other great ways to use lemon essentail oil include:

  • Try adding lemon to a variety of beverages as a natural flavor enhancer.
  • Use lemon to spot clean everything from household surfaces to skin.
  • Diffuse as an air deodorizer and freshener.
  • Add lemon to foods like vinaigrettes and sorbets for additional flavor and gentle internal cleansing.


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