Treat Yourself—3 Steps to Make Time for Me Time

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When your schedule is filled with helping and taking care of everyone else, it’s easy to forget about your own needs. Thankfully, it only takes a few steps to create a night that’s all your own! Our three tips will help you plan a much-deserved night to yourself.

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Treat Yourself - Plan AheadYou’ve heard it before—fail to plan, plan to fail! Taking time to care for yourself is no different. Pencil your special night into your calendar and treat it like the priority it is. You wouldn’t cancel on a friend in need, so give yourself the same respect.

After you have it booked, make any necessary arrangements. Get a sitter for the kids or have your spouse take them out for a few hours. Take care of household to-dos and grab any special treats you need, whether it be a new book or some indulgent snacks. Try your best to eliminate as many distractions as possible so you can focus on just yourself for the night.

Step 2: Set the Scene

Treat Yourself - Set The SceneWhile everyone’s perfect pampering looks different, the goal is to create the environment that’s most relaxing for you. A great place to start is playing calming music, dimming the lights, lighting candles, and diffusing your favorite essential oil or blend.

Want to really indulge? Invest in a new diffuser to make your experience extra spa-like. Choose a simple and chic style like the Dewdrop™ or Bamboo™ Diffuser, pick up the luxurious Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser, or look through all our diffusers to find your perfect match. Whichever diffuser you use, it’s just as important that you diffuse the perfect aroma during your relaxing night. We’re fans of classics such as Lavender, German Chamomile, Cedarwood, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang.

Add even more luxury with some wholesome, indulgent treats. Create a platter of your favorite snacks, and don’t forget some fun drinks! We love pairing Zyng™ with Vitality™ essential oils to create a refreshing, light option. Pour your custom cocktail into a stemmed glass to make the night feel extra special.

Step 3: Relax!

Once your prep work is done, it’s time to treat yourself! Settle in with a good book, a TV show you’ve been wanting to catch up on, or a favorite hobby. Need some help planning the perfect night? Check out our ideas below, all infused with the goodness of essential oils.

Spa Bath Treatment

Treat Yourself - Spa TreatmentUnwind in a spa-like atmosphere from the comfort of your home. We love bath bonuses like face masks, bath salts, a captivating book, bath gel, and body lotion.

Tip: Apply body lotion to damp skin to lock in moisture.

Our top picks:

Relaxing Facial

Treat Yourself - Relaxing FacialGet an at-home facial in just four steps! The basis of beautiful skin starts with a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer, and you can add some extra oomph with a gentle exfoliator. With the additional attention, you’ll experience beyond-skin-deep pampering.

Tip: Try a DIY stress-reducing facial massage.

With your eyes closed, massage the sides of your jaw in large, circular motions. Create a path past the sides of your mouth, along your nostrils, and over your cheekbones. Eventually move to your forehead and temples. Tension accumulates in this area, so spend some extra time here. For about one minute, work from both temples to the middle of your forehead and back to the temples.

Our top picks:

Pedicure Pick-Me-Up

Treat Yourself - PedicureFeel great from your head to your toes. A DIY pedicure is easy, and it can save you a trip to the salon. Plus, a little time spent on a pedicure keeps your feet looking great for days or weeks!

Tip: Take a look at our Three Simple Steps to Fab Feet blog for ideas to exfoliate, moisturize, and pamper your feet.

Our top picks:


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  • Lexi Betts

    I will pamper myself with lavender in the diffuser and a nice hot cup of tea with some vitality oils for an added touch.

  • Tracy Jones

    Thank you for this reminder! A relaxing evening with a good book and a decadent foot spa sounds wonderful!!

  • Liz Smith

    I love pampering myself with Young Living. I will plan a pamper night including diffusing Lavender, a bath soak and homemade lotion, and then my DIY nail oil.

  • I would pamper myself with easy listening music and apply the stress-reducing facial massage. Nothing can be better than relaxing and listening to soothing music after a day’s work.

  • Karen Sieger

    I schedule “All About Me Monday Nights” in my book each week, if possible, or at least every other Monday! I find it helps with “resetting” myself for the upcoming work week.
    I work hard all day to get everything finished, laundry, clean sheets, straighten up the house -especially our bedroom (the weekend can get crazy messy), even vacuum if the day allows. Then after dinner, hubby does the dishes while I move upstairs for a hot shower with a lavender & eucalyptus shower bomb. Next step is a mini-facial using a frankincense resin scrub and a clay face mask mixed with my frankincense and tea tree oils, topped off with a nighttime lotion. While my mask is drying, I’ll either give myself a mini-mani, catch up on my planner for the week or one of my shows, or read my book. By the time all of this is completed, I’m totally relaxed and ready to drift off to sleep with my lavender & cedarwood linen spray and my own sleepy-time roller! It’s the only “me” time I get all week and it is pure heaven.

  • Dorothy Heaslip

    I have made up a large glass owl shaped jar full of Lavender oil and Epsom salts. I pour a bath in my claw foot tub. I add a little mood music and a candle and soak until all my troubles have floated away.

  • Carol K

    This is a great reminder to pamper myself, too!

  • Stephanie

    I love Lavender scent. The oatmeal bath soak sounds heavenly!

  • sheryl auld

    One of my favorite ways of self care is to take a relaxing bath with essential oils. I can use the oils to customize my bath – stress-away, pan-away, or a citrus.

  • Jessica Allen

    I am going to treat myself to a foot soak!!!! My boys are at their grandparents, so this is a good time to take advantage of the quiet and just sit. 🙂

  • OK so being a working mom, and trying to start my YL business and build it, there is little time for me and it’s so very east to forget to make the time! However, I always make some time for me. The problem is at times when there are a million things to do, I feel guilty for taking “me time”. But when I do that, I feel relaxed and I can take on the world and things get done easier, quicker and smoother when I take the time for me. I also always remind myself of that when I don’t want to take the time. When I don’t take time for me, things are a struggle and don’t go as easy. Using the oils all the time, make it so much better to because of all the benefits I get from them. I find for me the oils always help me and remind me that I am worth me time!!

  • Jeanne

    Love these ideas! The specific products you mentioned will help with pampering! Thanks for sharing!

  • Janel Belle Isle

    I have always had a hard time making time for myself, but since I was introduced to Young Living and all their great products, I can’t wait to make time for myself! I have found the new me! I have yet to diffuse during a bath, that will be next on my list.

  • Tari Robinson

    I love the suggestions! As I was reading I had a thought to set up a spa night and treat my daughter to a facial, pedicure, and a soak in a tub of oil infused water. She has been working extra hard, and just made executive! She deserves some pampering!

  • This sounds very relaxing! I can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Yes please! Some relaxing me time sounds wonderful!

  • Jennifer Osting

    Getting ready to go on vacation so i would love to make something special for a nice long soak 🙂

  • Michelle Lim

    Massage blend with v-6 + lavender + roman chamomile. 🙂

  • Linda Frank

    I will pamper myself by taking a lavender and lemon oil bath and then upon getting in bed turn my diffuser on and play some relaxing music and doze off into a wonderful place!

  • Even just reading this post made me feel more relaxed. 🙂 Love all the tips! Thank you!!!

  • Amy Serafin

    These are some great ideas! I often wonder why we don’t take the time to pamper ourselves. Bergamot is my favorite oil, I wear it daily!

  • Resha Ramolete

    My favorite way to pamper myself is to do a Peppermint & Epson salt foot soak while I diffuse Joy and sip on lavender vitality-infused lemonade, watching a fun movie also helps me to unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

  • Amber Porter

    Love your essential oils ❤️

  • Marie Mastracco

    Like many others, I work 50 -55 hours a week (no overtime), and do the cooking, cleaning, shopping and dog smooching at home. I’m taking your tip – to plan ahead and schedule time for myself. 7 pm every night this week, I will diffuse Peace and Calming, listen to music with ear phones on while my dog lays on the couch or porch with me. I am going to shut my eyes and let everything do it’s job. Thank you, thank you.

  • Debra Moore

    To pamper myself I like to soak in a bath with Epsom salts, baking soda and essential oils of peppermint and lavender,(and a good book to read). I follow it up with a body mist of witch hazel, rose water, and essential oils peppermint and lavender.

  • sheran duncan

    self care is health care…

  • Meghann Burrell

    I will pick out a Friday night. Find a romantic movie. Take a bath with lavender oil and cedarwood oil. Add lavender lotion on right out after. Relax watching the movie with Jasmine and ylang ylang oil in diffuser.

  • Deborah Perry

    A sugar scrub and some lavender lotion on my feet sounds wonderful. I am going to do this real soon! Using YL essential oils is the absolute best.

  • Katie

    Love this! Taking time for yourself is so important! <3

  • Jodie Billstrom

    I love diffusing lavender and frankincense in the evenings to help me relax and after starting to use oils I started making my own EO lotions and people are always commenting on how good it smells to be around me!

  • Elisabeth

    A wonderful rich mousse made from dates, maple syrup, almonds and avocado infused with peppermint vitality can be an amazing treat for such an evening – enjoy! ✨

  • Linda LaChance

    This may seem crazy, but for me, my relaxing day was yesterday when I had 4 women over to talk about YL’s products. Now THAT is domestic housewife bliss LOL! I’m starting to wonder if I do need a night out!

  • denise posey

    this sounds so awesome! and relaxing. must give it a try!

  • Dianne

    Sounds amazing I need some relaxation.

  • Sue Jesson

    I would diffuse Joy with lemon while reading a book

  • Christine

    On the morning of my day off is when I do my mask. This is simply morning mint face scrub with an oil of my choice. Could be lavender, frankincense or melrose. My newest oil I’m going to try is Manuka.

  • Love doing a 20 minute relaxing Epson salt soak with Stress Away & then Peppermint foot scrub.

  • Ali

    A warm bath with Epsom salts, lavender oil and some dried rose petals is a beautiful way to relax and feel pampered.. Imagining your worries going down the plug hole with the water is a great tool too!

  • Using my pamper time for: Three steps to fabulous feet! Silky and smooth! First I soak my feet for about 15-20 minutes, adding 2-3 drops of peppermint. then I proceed with the exfoliation, cuticle care and then the moisturizing! The final essential oil that I apply is Geranium. Aaah, heaven!

  • Pat Brown

    I’m looking forward to a pampering Lavender-oatmeal bath soak. I’ve made bath soaks before, but not with oatmeal. Thanks Young Living.

  • I’m planning on taking more time for long hot baths with essential oils in the water and going regularly to a massage therapist that uses YL oils in her massage! Heavenly!

  • Shirley

    These are great ideas! Thank you!

  • Terra

    The diffuser, bath and shower gel, and bergamot would be a great way to relax and go to bed happy at the end of a long day! Add that to the ideas and tips in this blog for a great evening to unwind. Love all of this!

  • Kelli Burton

    I love to relax with anything lavender!

  • Michele LaRue

    I think I will try the DIY Pedicure Pick-Me-Up. Pampering my feet while saving a trip to the salon sound good to me!

  • Pam Laird

    A DIY spa evening sounds wonderful! I love how easy it is to use these products and that they are all natural no harsh chemicals! Thank you Young Living for all the great products!

  • Donna Jackson

    Everyone needs to pamper themselves! When you use Young Living Essential Oils to do it with, it’s a win-win!

  • Denyce Johnson

    Sounds fabulous . If I weren’t so tired I would jump in the bath now . Up at 6am to serve at 2 church services – maybe some Sunday evening pampering will happen. For tonight I’m just so happy I have my brand new Rainstone diffuser going in my bedroom with some lavender and ylang ylang. Need another diffuser for downstairs now !

  • DIY stress reducing facial this Sunday night (and every Sunday night after! )

  • kara

    I think it is time for a spa day with a friend! 🙂 My birthday is coming up so I believe that would be a good time! 🙂

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