Three Effective Steps for the Next Emotional Breakthrough

0 December 14, 2010 - Archive

We all face difficulties in our lives as we move through each day with hazards, barriers, and other defeating behaviors. “The hips are too big.” “I’m not going to fit into those pants.” And the list goes on and on. Young Living essential oils used with self-talk and affirmation can help us stay calm and break through emotional barriers.

Here are three easy steps that can help you break through emotional barriers:

A mistake that people get wrapped up in is negative thinking. You might be meaning well by criticizing yourself with defeating behavior, but this allows the negative emotions to dig deeper in the body. Apply Release™ to the liver area to break down the walls of negative thinking.

Place Forgiveness™ over the heart after negative thinking starts to change in your mind. Change your thoughts by using statements with powerful words. Staying focused on these goals can keep you away from distractions. This helps acknowledge current hazards and avoid feelings of panic.

Put Present Time™ on the front of the neck. This oil is very effective to enhance positive self-talk. When you start to struggle again, breathe it in, stay calm, cool, and collected. Keep repeating to yourself a positive phrase as you apply the oil of Present Time. Stay with this until you feel a shift in your body. Use these three steps to change the negative self-talk.

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne
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