The manly man’s guide to essential oils (manly edition)

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Welcome, gentlemen, this one’s just for you. Ladies, since you’re already here, you can check it out, too. Incorporating essential oils into your life isn’t just easy—it can also put a manly spring in your step. Pretty soon, you’ll be chopping down trees with your bare fists and wrestling bears to a draw, all thanks to these simple tips.

Check out these three categories in your life that can benefit from a few drops of pure awesomeness:

*Essential oils are indeed powerful, but please don’t try punching down trees and wrestling bears. Just use these essential oils as directed to enjoy their awesome scents and benefit from their therapeutic-grade purity.


Keeping in shape is one of the pillars upon which manliness is built. No matter if you’re crushing some bench presses, tearing up the fairway, or hiking high enough to high five an eagle, you’ll want to keep these basics in your gym bag to help you get the most from every workout:


Treat those aches and pains

Massage Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream into your skin after a workout for a cooling sensation that provides relief from minor muscle and joint
aches, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. Backed with our Seed to Seal® promise of purity, this pain cream will have your muscles thanking you for ditching the synthetic ingredients.


Take care before and after exerciseDeep Relief Roll-on

Apply Deep Relief™ Roll-On to your neck and chest before working out to inspire you to push harder or apply it as part of a post-activity massage to target areas that need it most.


Boost your boring waterOrange Vitality Essential Oil

Reach for Lime Vitality™, Tangerine Vitality™, or Orange Vitality™ instead of sugary sports drinks to stay hydrated! Just
a drop or two in your glass water bottle will keep you coming back for more.


Personal Care

Grooming sounds like such a primitive term, making it perfect for manly men like us. Separate yourself from the pack by looking great and smelling like nature itself with these essential oil-infused solutions:


Smell good without perfumePatchouli Essential Oil - Young Living

Supposedly, perfume is called “cologne” when it’s for men, but let’s skip the nomenclature and ditch it altogether. Start with Shutran™, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Northern Lights Black Spruce, or Black Pepper to see what works best with your body’s chemistry, then create a combination that’s all yours. Dilute with a smidge of carrier oil and apply a drop or two to your wrists and neck for a masculine scent that lasts all day.


Cedarwood - Young Living Essential Oil

Keep that burly beard in check

Give those lovely locks a healthy sheen with some homemade beard oil. Check out our handy beard oil blog post for some blends from the guys who know best—Young Living employees! Bottom line: If your beard is oil-free, it’s just not living up to its potential.


 Treat your face to ShutranShutran Shave Cream

If you truly must shave, make sure you’re
at least doing it with the best stuff. Shutran™ Shave Cream is full of hydrating ingredients and pure essential oils that’ll give you a close shave with a great fragrance.


Good Eating

You like food. You like flavor. So why haven’t you been super-charging your healthy cooking with the intense flavor of essential oils? Check out these ways to get more essential oils into your diet:


Spice up your lifeblack-pepper-vitality-essential-oil-young-living

Perfect for boosting flavor in almost anything you’re cooking, essential oils are like a flavor bomb compared to dried herbs. Add Lemon Vitality™ to fish, Black Pepper Vitality™ to steak sauce and marinades, and Basil Vitality™ to Italian. Get creative—your taste buds will thank you for it.


Put some Zyng in your stepNingXia Zyng - Young Living

Add a splash of hydration to your routine by keeping NingXia Zyng™ handy. Or if you’re in a real rush, reach for NingXia Nitro® to keep your athletic performance and cognition at its peak. Both are delicious, convenient as heck, and infused with essential oils.


Try a brand-new recipelime-vitality-essential-oil-young-living

Still not sure where to start? This blog is a great resource that’s frequently updated with recipes that incorporate essential oils in innovative and delicious new ways. Check out our Vitality-infused marinades, Vitality-infused chicken enchiladas, and 20-minute game-day recipes to get going!


What essential oils do you look to for a manly boost? Let us know in the comments!  

  • Tim Hartson

    I’ve been wanting to try Shutran but I can’t see spending $85 for something I know little about. I do not know of anyone that has tried it. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone that may have tried it. Thank you

  • Amanda Waterworth

    My boyfriend is black, he doesn’t ever use lotions and always buys those cheap bar soaps that I feel makes his skin even more dry, ashy, and he itches a lot. I’ve used his soap and I can’t stand how it makes my skin dry and itchy. He can’t stand to have an oil rubbed on him nor on his sheets. Trying to get a massage from him with my oils for me is like never! My question is what YL men’s product would be a good starter try for him? Ya know ease him in gradually! Thanks!

    • Hi Amanda, we recommend trying Shutran Bar Soap or any of our Shutran line products. They are great for introducing men to essential oil infused products. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jayson DuFresne

    Looking forward to the new 3 in 1 Shutran body wash!!!! Been waiting for this a long time!!!

  • Alex Moen

    Are they still essential oils if you drink them? I thought they were only for smelling? And, I know that with colognes if deodorants and stuff block them they don’t work as well (read but does it matter for essential oils since it seems to be more for what it does to your body? Interesting post, thanks for writing it.

    • Hi Alex, Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. You can access the power of essential oils many ways, but the most common practices include aromatic diffusion, topical application, and dietary consumption. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Malissa Adams

    My husband uses pink grapefruit and eucalyptus everyday. And smells amazing

  • Erin Turner

    My husband was an oily skeptic until I bought him the whole Shutran line for Christmas – beard oil for his beard, and shave cream and after shave for his head that he shaves clean weekly. Then he had me make him his very own roller bottle of Stress Away for bedtime! He’s a believer now!

  • I like” Shutran Essential Oil” perfume most. I used this on my first date and my partner chose this oily cologne. This fragrance provides a feeling of confidence.

  • Kevin A. Sutherland

    Sharing Young Living The Right Way. I Am Interested

  • Deb R

    My husband like to blend cedarwood and vetiver for his cologne

    • jennifer schmidt

      what is your recipe?

  • Now I have found a place to click, hand any man my phone or tablet and he can read about our oily world 😉

  • The Gift blend smells amazing on my man. He’s an oily kind of guy, and I love that he uses oils every day.

  • I love Shutran shaving cream, aftershave and bar soap. I use Patchouli often in addition to Abundance to inspire me to make wealth building choices in life. Awesome scents all!

  • Keith Morales

    Mister Essential Oil

  • Dania Petersen

    My husband has been looking for a manly lotion. There just not enough products for men. What do you recommend?

  • Paige

    My husband’s favorite oil is Valor.

  • Janet Kramer

    I’m going to get some of that shave gel for my husband’s face.

  • Diana Mussmann

    My husband uses Myrah shave lotion. He can go several days without shaving. Loves how close it gets and how good it feels.

  • My husband has been using Mirah Shave gel! I have 2 sons with beards and they use lavender oil to support them. Northern Light Black Spruce, Peppermint, Deep Relief and OrthoSport are also favorites.

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