The Essential Oil Botanical Quiz

21 January 16, 2017 - Interactive, Quiz

How well do you know your essential oil botanicals? Bergamot might be your favorite essential oil, but did you know it comes from a citrus fruit that looks like a cross between a lime and an orange? How about that Copaiba essential oil comes from the gum resin of the copaiba tree? Take this essential oil quiz to put your botanical knowledge to the test, and discover how much you know! You might learn something new along the way.


Which expertise level did you get? Which essential oil botanical pairings surprised you? Share in the comments below!

  • Olga Williams


  • Ewa Celatka

    Botanical master! I grew up in Poland in country side! Love nature!

  • Lisa Haney

    I got 100%!

  • Jean Vlk Dukes

    If I hadn’t gotten a perfect score I’d have been very disappointed! Glad I didn’t disappoint myself! 🙂

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