The Essential Oil Botanical Quiz

20 January 16, 2017 - Interactive, Quiz

How well do you know your essential oil botanicals? Bergamot might be your favorite essential oil, but did you know it comes from a citrus fruit that looks like a cross between a lime and an orange? How about that Copaiba essential oil comes from the gum resin of the copaiba tree? Take this essential oil quiz to put your botanical knowledge to the test, and discover how much you know! You might learn something new along the way.


Which expertise level did you get? Which essential oil botanical pairings surprised you? Share in the comments below!

  • Lucy Hilfers

    Not bad 70 percent. Know I have lots to learn not bad for just learning oils Wednesday night

  • Sharon Robinson

    It said I’m a botanical master @ 85%

  • Sharon Robinson

    I’m a botanical master, haha

  • Tony Hill

    I got 93 % Botanical Master!!! Yep Vetiver and Petigrain were tricky

  • Teresa

    67% said I was proficient but I completely disagree- I have a lot to learn

  • karyn


  • Amber

    93% Darn it !! it looked like an orange to me!! I am Learning : >

  • Tracy Brown

    Tracy Brown I got an 81 %

  • Rosemarie Willoughby

    96% Love my oils!!!

  • Rene Houk

    I’ve used the test as a learning tool. Every once in a while, I pull it up and take it again. Of all things, I mixed up geraniums. GERANIUMS!!!!

  • Yasmin Van

    89% eucalyptus & petigrain, not bad since I didn’t think I knew that much : )

  • Amy Anderson

    93%! I guess all of my gardening experience helps out a lot!

  • Karen

    First time I got 96% so I took it again to help me learn them better. Got 100% the next time. Surprised by petigrain. Goldenrod, ylang ylang, pine, and geranium were really easy. Fun!

  • Collette Matthews

    I have some studying to do! 85% 🙂

    • Tammy Huntridge – Hocking

      Me too!!! But it’s saying we are “Masters” ?
      I ain’t no stinkin Master of Anything!

  • 85 % Botanical Master-Vetiver and Petigrain was my downfall but I still learned something

  • Loma

    I got 100%! Was thrown by some so I just thought about the notes. Thought Vetiver was lemongrass but figured it out by remembering how “grassy” it smells. Fun quiz!

  • Gail Bosshart

    96% WooHoo!!

  • Gail Bosshart

    96% Guess I need more training!!

  • Gail Bosshart

    93% last one was a small guess!

  • Lori Kindsvatter

    I was surprised by petitgrain; all others ok

  • Mary Clark

    89% shocked at myself! Great learning tool!

  • Mary Clark

    74% I did better than I thought I would do!

  • Marian J.Millan

    I’m happy I got 85 %!
    Love me some eos! ♡

  • Valeria C Mason

    I got a score of 70%. I have some research/studying to do.

  • JILL Hunt


  • Irene

    Loved the quiz and the opportunity to lear about our wonderful essential oils.

  • 85% Master – I was thrown by Vetiver and Petigrain. Very fun learning experience.

  • 85% – I was surprised by Petigrain and Vetiver! Interesting and thought provoking quiz! Fun.

  • Velda

    surprised by 85%, wasn’t sure I would do that well. Very happy with my score. Yes would love more quizzes like these

  • Tracy Kosanke

    96% not too bad!!

  • 96%! Vetiver surprised me! Fun!!


    74% not bad. 🙂

  • Celeste Weinreis

    That was fun and a great learning experience! Can we do more?

  • Trisha Schmidt


  • Martha

    I got 93% Missed Petigrain

  • Elizabeth Schlagenbusch

    93%!! Botanical Master!

  • Mary G

    i got 78% petigrain threw me.

  • Vivian Torres

    100%! what a great little learning exercise!

  • Sammie Gonzales

    I got 96%!!! I love my oils!

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