Thanks for Making Our March Promotion One of Our Most Popular Ever!

0 March 19, 2014 - Archive

We are pleased to announce that our March promotion that includes free 15-ml Basil and Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oils, a $20 enrollment coupon, and an 8-pack of ART Beauty Masques has been one of our most popular ever. Through these promotions, thousands of members are discovering exciting new Young Living favorites for free, while enjoying the products they order regularly.

Due to the overwhelming success of this promotion, supplies have become limited. Members who qualify for the 300 PV ART Beauty Masque reward may receive instead an exciting alternative reward! This reward will be of similar value and will, like ART Beauty Masques, be an advanced, essential oil-infused skincare product.

What is your favorite Young Living skincare product? Share your must-try Young Living beauty secret in the comments!

  • Chris Morgan

    Love the combination of Lavender and Frankincense on my face and around my eyes! Great for skin rejuvenation and very helpful with improving eyesight.

  • Leszek Kudla

    We just got our March order. Fantastic!

  • Denise Dunning Hougland

    I add Frankincense to coconut oil for my daily face moisturizer.

  • Terri-Anne

    I love adding a few drops of frankincense to Genesis Hand & Body Lotion to use as a facial moisturizer.

  • Lynette Barclay

    I have tried the Masque at our Ladies Retreat. I really enjoyed how it made my skin feel. Clean and smooth.
    We then added whipped coconut oil with Frankincense. It was lovely!

  • Brooke Straub Franklin

    I love Frankincense for those fine lines. I also love orange oil to brighten and tone my skin.

  • Adella Gonzalez

    I love the Lavender Essential Oil. I mix it with Coconut Oil and conditioner for a special deep conditioning treatment.

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