Myrrh the merrier: 5 unexpected uses for Myrrh essential oil

What “Myrrh” can you want than a year-round essential oil superstar? Use this earthy essential oil from the first day of the year to the last, on your nails and skin, and in so many different diffuser blends!

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Squeaky-clean scents: 7 diffuser blends to fake a clean house

Life gets messy, your house gets dirty, but at least your favorite spaces can smell like you’ve spent hours cleaning. Add these oils to your diffuser for an “I spent hours cleaning” scent.

7 best essential oils for hair + 10 ways to use them

Figuring out the best essential oils for hair can feel overwhelming. Good thing we’ve had plenty of time to “mullet” over. “Here’s” our trimmed-down list of 7 top picks!

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No more counting sheep: 11 essential oils for when you’re going to sleep

We don’t mean to be the sleep police, but you definitely need a full eight hours every night. Our trick? Sweet, slumber-inducing essential oils that help you drift off to enchanting dreams!

6 reasons Goldenrod is as good as gold

A bag of gold bullion or a bottle of Goldenrod? You'd think the decision would be an easy one, but fans of the oil would disagree. The benefits of Goldenrod essential oil are as numerous as they are priceless, which makes it hands-down one of our most popular oils. Where does Goldenrod essential [...]

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