• DIY Custom Hydration with Young Living

DIY: Custom Hydration

Not in the habit of drinking enough? With a custom glass water bottle and your favorite sweet essential oils, you’ll love meeting your daily goal! Check out our fun, easy DIY instructions for etching a personalized design on your water bottle.

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Expanding the Use of Stress Away

The Young Living product development team is excited to announce that the proprietary blend of Stress Away™ is now available in a 15-ml bottle. Why, you ask? Because the benefits in Stress Away expand beyond its traditional use of topical application. With the new 15-ml bottle, the rigors of daily activities can be soothed with [...]

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The A•R•T of Orchids

The ART® Beauty Masque and Renewal Serum were two of the ground-breaking products launched at the Young Living International Grand Convention in June. Their most distinctive feature, orchid extract, is currently at the height of research in Taiwan and is hailed for its moisturizing properties.* Traditionally, orchids have been used in perfume by the Chinese and have been associated with purity and longevity.*

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Roll It On

At this year’s Orlando convention Gary introduced an exciting new way to apply oils topically—Young Living’s patent-pending Roller Fitments. The response to this new product has been overwhelming: “These are great,” and “These are easy to use,” were just some of the frequent comments heard in the product expo.

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New Convention Products Unveiled!

We’re excited to announce the launch of six brand new Young Living products from this year’s Grand Convention in Minneapolis. Gary Young unveiled his latest discoveries from Ecuador, plus new additions to our Thieves, diffuser, nutrition, and roll-on product lineup that you can experience for yourself starting Monday, September 21! Here’s a taste of what [...]

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