Clary Sage essential oil: Your new secret weapon

We’re sharing six simple ways to incorporate Clary Sage into your daily routine. We guarantee once you try one—or more—of the tips on this list, you’ll be completely sold on this herbaceous oil.

Your week needs these essential oils

Whether you’re pushing through the Monday blues or brimming with glee on Friday Eve (aka Thursday), embrace every day surrounded by one of nature’s greatest luxuries—essential oils! We’ve got an oil for each day of the week, so you can start each morning on the right side of the day, Monday through Sunday! [...]

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Hello, handsome! 15 essential oils for beards (plus 3 tips)

Whether you haven’t seen your upper lip in a decade or you’re growing your first beard, we’ve got tips that will guide you toward your best facial hair—including a list of essential oils you’ll love.

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