Reset Your Mindset: Handling the Hustle

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Everyday pressure can come from any part of your life—work, relationships, errands, school. This means that people from every walk of life look to better understand how to be happy and how to handle daily ups and downs. Naturally, Young Living believes that essential oils are part of the solution! We love to use empowering essential oils and calming techniques to find harmony in the many situations adults and children face every day. Find your best strategy with help from our favorite oils and tricks!

Before you jump into our tips, get a refresher on the best ways to use essential oils. Some of our easiest usage tips for topical and aromatic oils include:

  • Gently rubbing oil between your hands and taking deep breaths while cupping your hands close to your nose.
  • Applying oil to the nape of your neck or to pulse points, such as your wrists or temples.
  • Diffusing oil in your space, whether at home, in the office, or in the car.
  • Placing a few drops on a tissue or cloth and using for inhalation.

Feeling irritable?

Hit every red light on your morning commute? Find a passive-aggressive email in your inbox? Some days it feels like nothing is going right, and other days you simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever the source of your frustration, take a minute to refocus and realign with these ideas.

Our favorite oils for irritability:

  • Stress Away™: Unwind with this relaxing and comforting aroma.
  • Forgiveness™: Forgive yourself and others with a scent that invites you to release negative emotions.
  • Release™: Let go of anger and frustration and promote balance with this rich, grounding aroma.

Stress Away Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Release Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend - Young LivingTry it yourself—use your favorite essential oil usage technique and try one of the suggestions below:

  • Give yourself a 10-minute “time out” to wind down and refocus.
  • Call a close friend or family member and talk it out.
  • Take care of your basic needs. A quick nap or snack can do wonders when it comes to moodiness from lack of sleep or food.
  • Get away for a minute with a book break, nature walk, or dance session with your favorite jam.
  • Practice a positive affirmation: I am loving and forgiving.

Feeling stuck?

Some days you just don’t feel like yourself. Whether you know the cause—an unexpected breakup or unresolved argument—or you’re simply stuck in a rut, being proactive about your feelings can help you take control. Try on some of the suggestions below and speak with a trusted friend to work through your emotions.

Our favorite oils for feeling stuck:

  • Sacred Mountain™: Promote feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection with this earthy aroma.
  • Tangerine or Grapefruit: Uplift your day with a bright, cheery aroma.
  • Hope™: Restore your faith and reconnect with strength and stability with this grounding aroma.

Tangerine Essential Oil - Young Living Sacred Mountain Essential Oil Blend Hope Essential Oil Blend - Young LivingTry it yourself—use your favorite usage technique and try one of the suggestions below:

  • Focus on your self-care. Check out our printable self-care calendar and update the days to fit the current month.
  • Give yourself a treat with a relaxing night in.
  • Write it out. Journal about your feelings, create a gratitude list, or write a thoughtful card to someone you’re grateful for.
  • Practice a positive affirmation: I choose and deserve to be happy.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Between bills to pay, permission slips to sign, cupboards to fill, and texts to respond to, it’s no surprise you sometimes feel like there are too many tabs open in your computer and in your mind. In the midst of the chaos, take a moment to center your life with the ideas below.

Our favorite oils for feeling overwhelmed:

  • Transformation™: Surround yourself with a scent that helps you replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts.
  • Peace & Calming II™: Harness your positive energy with this relaxing and comforting aroma.
  • Grounding™: Diffuse this scent to enhance spirituality or encourage feelings of clarity.

Transformation Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Peave & Calming II Essential Oil Blend - Young Living Grounding Essential Oil Blend - Young LivingTry it yourself—use your favorite usage technique and try one of the suggestions below:

  • Focus on mindfulness and the present moment with a breathing exercise.
  • Practice the art of delegation.
  • Remember to let yourself say “no” to some things.
  • Prioritize your to-do list. Once you know what’s most important, you’ll feel empowered to get started.
  • Practice a positive affirmation: I let go of feeling overwhelmed so I can see clearly.


What’s your favorite oil or practice that helps you manage your day? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Beth

    do you mix the oils together? If so, what’s your recipe?

  • I actually use Grounding as a cologne (along with Idaho Blue Spruce). Its been quite helpful before business meetings or just meeting people for the first time. Also, I get compliments all the time that I smell great.

  • Connie

    I like Joy. And one of my new favorites is Egyptian Gold; it helps me unwind before bed and fall into a beautiful sleep!

  • So grateful for the ongoing wisdom! I am so passionate about YL and am grateful to be able to have this information to share. God bless!

  • Marlene Desmarais

    I diffuse Stress Away everyday at work in one of those computer diffuser. It’s mild and perfect for the office. I start my day with filling it. I must say it does keep stress away!

  • Thank you for your wisdom. I use peppermint to help me through my frustrations.

  • Rachael Larson

    Dragon Time, I am still fairly new so I don’t have a lot of these oils, but I definitely going to try a few of these. Thank you.

  • Lydi E.

    Thanks for the post! Interestingly enough, I’ve been applying some of these techniques to manage the demands of each day. I really like Clarity and Abundance coupled with prayer throughout my day.

  • Lydi E.

    Thanks for the post! I really like Clarity and Abundance coupled with prayer throughout my day.

  • I used to go for the daily practice of yoga and pranayama for the solution of whole but these products and their uses as you described should help one who is not having a solution in time for all the reasons that you mentioned .

  • Laurie Jameson

    One hundred deep slow breaths with lavender before sleeping.
    One hundred deep slow breaths with peppermint or eucalyptus on awakening.
    Yes it takes a little time, but it really helps me grow calm before bed or set my intentions for the day.

  • Jurhee Ivy

    I am new to oils and in the process of trying to determine what works best for me. I don’t have a strong sense of smell. When diffusing oils, I really don’t smell anything. If I put lavender on a cotton pad and put on my pillow, I can smell it a little bit. I have been putting some oils, mainly lavender, in coconut oil and rubbing on my skin at bedtime rather than on the cotton, but I really cannot smell it. Does my brain sense it anyway or is it a waste to use it aromatically? Suggestion will be appreciated.

    • Young Living

      Hi Jurhee, We recommend starting with the usage directions listed on the individual bottle label and the usage guide in your diffusers manual for the amount of drops to use. Depending on the type of diffuser and the size of the room, additional drops may be necessary to reach your personal preference. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Stacy

    Inner Child! I love this oil so much! When I know I’m going to be around friends and family, and I’ve had a rough day, I use Inner Child to help keep me from bringing those negative emotions with me. It has such a fun, uplifting scent!

  • Jane

    I use Stress Away because why ? I’m always stressed out ! I love it ! Thanks to my Cousin Joan for introducing me to Young Living !

  • Shari Streit

    I just discovered how beautiful Forgiveness smells! Great article!

  • Joanne

    My go to oils on stressful days are Peace and Calming or Stress Away

  • Sydney

    Thank you for these ideas! Some of these should be on next month’s promo as we get into a busier time of year. 🙂

    • Sydney

      I agree 🙂 I will become a member in October and I am so excited 🙂

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