Rediscover Peppermint Essential Oil

1 February 5, 2009 - Archive

Young Living’s peppermint is a must-have for every home and is the ideal essential oil for pampering! One of our most versatile oils, we’ve dedicated February to rediscovering its many uses.

Here’s what Young Living distributor Bernadette Glasgow has to say about peppermint essential oil:

“Peppermint helped me so much in dealing with hot flashes. As soon as I would begin to feel the hot flash coming on, I would apply a drop or two to the back of my neck, and it would absorb the hot flash. I use it for digestive support too. I have also used peppermint oil for mental acuity for myself and for others. I once was tutoring a young man who was learning to read five-letter words. By having him smell the oil prior to his tutoring, he actually noticed how much better he was doing in learning to read the words. It was a great testimony of the power of peppermint essential oil and something I will never forget.”

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  • Nona hudson August 31, 2016 - 10:05 pm Reply

    Cannot wait!!

  • Reba Hilgers February 9, 2009 - 9:14 pm Reply

    12+ years ago my husband and I visted the Young Living facilities in Utah. We were there during the peppermint harvest time. That was our introduction to YLEO. Having been a sufferer of asthmatic bronchitis all my life and severe allerigies affecting my sinuses, I had been on antihistamines all my life. After returning from the YLEO facilities, I starting inhaling peppermint everytime I would have normally taken an antihistamine to relieve the symtoms of itchy nose, throat, eyes, etc. and to date I have not had another antihistamine for 12+ years! My allergies have been controlled to the point that even though in the past I was severely allergic to cats that I have been able to live in close quarters with one. I have also used Lavender on a daily bases, but the Peppermint always calmes whatever allergic reaction I might encounter to air born irritants. It has changed my life!

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