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0 December 1, 2010 - Archive

Feelings Collection by Young LivingLet go of those negative emotions once and for all and replace that space with positive light and energy. A very effective way to release negative emotions is with the essential oils found in Young Living’s Feelings® collection. Here are a few ways to easily work these oils into your daily routine. It’s surprisingly easy and a lot of fun!

Apply Valor to the shoulders to relax the body, find courage, and discover your inner strength.

Put Release over the liver then focus on any negative stress, tragedy, or bad memories. Bring your awareness to the liver area, connect with your inner self, and let go of the emotions. Feel how free it is to let go of unwanted emotions!

Inner Child™
Place Inner Child over the navel to help connect with your inner power. Give yourself time, open your awareness, and allow yourself to let go.

Put Harmony on the side of the body and concentrate on the present moment. Simply focus on how it feels to let go of the negative and become one with your self.

Use Forgiveness over the heart. Feel the powerful effects as it breaks down strong emotional layers.

Present Time™
Rub a few drops of Present Time over the back of the neck. Leave the past and come into the present moment. Feel the power you have. Focus on the here and now; enjoy the new you.

With the Feelings collection you will begin to peel back the layers of unwanted emotions. Express gratitude to yourself for releasing and letting go. Experience how good it feels to be free of negative emotions that you may have carried for years. Let yourself feel joy, the wonderful space you have created and the new power within! Focus on the new inner power!

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne
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