Personality Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Oil?

109 August 17, 2016 - Essential Oils, Interactive, Quiz

Just like people, every Young Living essential oil is different! Some are spicy; some are sweet. Some are bright and others mellow. But which one is the best match for you? Take our personality quiz to discover your essential oil soul mate—we think you’re really going to like each other.

Which essential oil did you get? Do you agree with the results? Share your spirit oil and thoughts on our essential oil quiz in the comments below!

  • moodyB

    i got Joy

  • Shannon Beavon Cook

    Stress Away…me for sure! 🙂

  • Karen Cook

    Brain Power 😀

  • Marie

    Citrus fresh!!

  • Donna Feibusch


  • Jocelyn Gadd Curtis


  • Toni Webster


  • Danielle

    Joy. Not sure I agree with this one.

  • Lori Quinn Kendrick

    i got JOY!!!!

  • Rhonda Daniel


  • Siti Hanisah Azhari

    Stress away

  • Kelly Linton Freestone


  • Darlene Hoey

    Citrus fresh!

  • Sandy Chung

    I got Joy! This is my favourite EO recently! Amazing!!

  • Lilja Dhara Oddsdottir

    This was my first oil, the first magic drop, that started a serious love affair with oils 17 years ago <3

  • Colette McCune

    Joy is my spirit oil! I love that one!

  • Ginger Smith Palmisano

    joy! I wish there was a way to share this on Social Media!

  • Lynette Wiebe

    I got Joy.

  • Therese

    I am stress away which makes perfect sense. I have stress away and love the smell and feel of this oil. I’ve only used as roll on but I’ll be adding the bottle to my order for diffusing. Love YL

  • Jackie Lambrecht

    Citrus fresh! It’s a go to oil ❤️

  • Jodi Graesser

    Citrus fresh sweet

  • Deb McDonnell

    I got Joy!! My absolute favorite oil!! So good to know I’m on track & in touch with my karma!!

  • Frances Simerly

    I got Joy! I totally agree! Love this blend!!

  • Emily Cranz Richards

    Stress Away, which makes sense, it was the first I ran out of in my psk

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