Personality Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Oil?

105 August 17, 2016 - Essential Oils, Interactive, Quiz

Just like people, every Young Living essential oil is different! Some are spicy; some are sweet. Some are bright and others mellow. But which one is the best match for you? Take our personality quiz to discover your essential oil soul mate—we think you’re really going to like each other.

Which essential oil did you get? Do you agree with the results? Share your spirit oil and thoughts on our essential oil quiz in the comments below!

  • Cheryl Luttrull

    My spirit oil was Stress Away! I think the quiz was pretty close to my personality but in order to be a cool cucumber more often… I am ordering some Stress Away.. Right Away 🙂

  • Sheryl

    I got Joy and it is one of my oil must haves! I loved this game.

  • Lori

    Stress away!

  • Jodi Gayewski

    I got Thieves! It’s true, no matter what the problem, Thieves will fix it 😉

  • Rene Stempert

    I got stress away figured it would be! I love this oil <3

  • sharon kruzer

    i have joy

  • Lynda falk

    I got citrus fresh

  • Rochell

    I got Brain Power. I don’t have it, and I’ve never smelled it. I guess I will put it on my wish list.

    • Billie Jean Caldwell

      I got Brain Power as well ,
      the comment was agreeable .I am spoiled by Oils.

    • Haha! Me too!

  • Jamie Simpson

    I got Joy.

  • Kara

    I got Joy, dont really like joy i have it and just doesnt appeal to me

  • Carla Jefferson

    Mine came up Joy. I am not surprised, because I love it.

  • Cheryl Howerton

    I got joy, sounds just like me

  • Ann S

    I got Joy

    • Citrus Fresh…its one of my favorites and I use it often. It suites me well!!!

    • Felichet Jones

      I got Joy, must try it!

  • Yvonne Boyle

    “Joy” I haven’t tried this one yet. Must try it

  • Marilyn F Buchanan

    I got Joy. Yes it is one of my favorites. I wear it as perfume.

  • Brenda

    I got stress away. Cool under pressure. Keep calm during code situation at hospital where I work. Love my oils

  • Maureen Graham

    I got Joy – just going to order it for the first time today …..

  • Joanne Kragenbrink

    I got citrus fresh…..always carry it with me… along with many other oils in tiny bottles so I can get my fix regularly!

  • An Anderson

    Joy was my spirit oil.


  • Dana F

    I got JOY and this is an oil I have not tried yet! Perhaps I should…..

  • Angie

    I got Brain Power. I haven’t used it yet, but I agree with the description. Guess I’ll be getting it in a future order!! ☺️

  • Grace Petrina

    I got ( JOY), that sounds like me, sharing ,happy most of the time.

    • Debbie

      I got joy! I love the smell of joy. I have been outbid it for awhile I like to wear it on my diffuser necklace.

  • Robin

    Brain Power. The discription sounds like me.

  • YES!

  • My spirit oil is Stress Away! I’m not surprised, it’s my absolute favourite and one that I use daily (2 extra bottles on hand, just in case!).

  • Sarah

    I got citrus fresh! When I first started this was my fave. Now my faves are abundance patchouli and vetiver!!

  • Pamela Clayton

    “Joy”! The description fits me very well and I happen to wear Joy often!!

  • Citrus fresh was spot on 😍

  • Jana

    Brain Power: I love to start my day with this one, love the earthy aroma and the focus I feel when I use it, great match for me!

  • Dona Baker

    I got Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am one cool cucumber! LOL Stress Away is mine too!

  • Tasha

    Joy!!! An oil I use daily….in several ways!

  • Amy

    Yummy, Citrus Fresh, so good in water….Perfectly me

  • Linda Glass

    I got Stress Away. I just joined (4-21-17). Can’t wait for my starter set to come!

  • tony

    I got thieves, which is on point

  • Wendy Lou Schofield

    My spirit oil was Joy! I have not tried this one yet. My favorite oil has been Thieves ~ are they similar?

  • Simone Alves

    I got citrus fresh

  • Stress Away! I use it frequently too.

  • Polly Williamson

    I got Stress Away and it’s in my Happy blend that I wear every day! And I do love peace and quiet but also love connecting with friends and the world around me!

  • Phyllis Bullock

    I got Citrus Fresh which I love but I think that Stress Away is as close to a spirit oil as I could get. Love it 💜

  • Janice Adams

    I got Joy. Haven’t tried that one yet.

    • Sandra

      Me too! But now I really want it!

  • Leona Tatman

    Brain Power: You are clever, driven, and focused. You love to ask questions and share what you’ve learned with others. People know they can count on you for thoughtful advice and counsel.

    Brain Power essential oil blend has a clarifying aroma that can help keep an active mind focused and on track!

  • Dana

    Is the quiz no longer working?

    • Hey Dana, I am sorry that the quiz didn’t seem to be working for you. The quiz from our end seems to be functioning fine. It could be that if you tried taking it on your phone it won’t work properly if you have a bad connection. Let us know if you still have any trouble taking the quiz. Thanks!

  • Diane Soper

    “Stress Away” and it is my favourite! Wear it every day on me and after a day a work I have tried others but always revert to “Stress Away” in my diffuser!!

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