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0 April 18, 2013 - Archive

As warmer months are quickly approaching (at least for the northern hemisphere), I wanted to share a creative way I get my children excited for healthy eating. To the noncreative, they may be called “frozen NingXia Red® on a stick,” but my imaginative children call them “Redsicles.” Okay, okay, maybe that name isn’t the most creative, but they sure taste great.

What you need:


  1. Shake packets well
  2. Remove top of NingXia Red packet
  3. Insert stick
  4. Put in the freezer standing up (we like to leave them in overnight)
  5. Remove packaging and enjoy


NingXia Redsicles are quick and easy to make, perfect on a warm day, and kids (and adults) love them. Let me know if you have other creative ways to use NingXia Red.

—Ryan Seely, YL Product Marketing Manager


  • Gio

    I bought a cheap silicone Popsicle mold and used NR with a couple drops of orange! Yum…

  • Maddie Kloc

    What a fantastic idea for those of us on the go! This is just what we need to stay active and energized!

  • Traci – Self Reliant Solutions

    What a great idea!

  • Where can I buy it, any major retailers or only speciality shops?

    • You can become a Young Living Essential Distributor and buy or find one. I am one.

  • Are they only available in Uk? My nephew lives in OZ…

    • Hi Sophia, Young Living’s NingXia Red singles are available here in Australia. Regards Kathy

  • Deana Luebbert

    That is great, thanks for sharing!

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