Christmas cookies are a great way to have fun with some festive, Christmas baking! 

This is a quick and easy shortbread recipe for these classic Christmas Cookies. Easy to make and decorate, they also make great Christmas gift ideas.

Frankincense Oil adds a divine flavour and  goes really well with chocolate and is lovely in a chocolate drizzle too.

You can use other oils if you would like to have different flavours for your cookies. Try experimenting with different culinary oils in place of the Frankincense Oil, such as Lavender Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, or Bergamot Oil. You can also divide the unbaked cookie dough in half and flavour with 2 different oils.

NOTE: I have included a chocolate drizzle recipe for these cookies, it’s optional and delicious. You can also use white chocolate in place of the dark chocolate or do some of each. Just double the recipe if you desire more cookies.

Chef Kate TIP: These shortbread cookies can be paleo friendly if you use coconut flour. You can use regular flour if you prefer or a gluten-free flour mix in too.  The cookies are not super sweet so if you would like them sweeter I suggest adding 2 tbsp organic white sugar to the dough or making a glaze to brush over them with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and 1 tablespoon of melted butter and then drizzle on the chocolate or dip them in the chocolate.

Have fun with the kids and make up a big batch of cookies for parties or you might like to try Chef Kate’s Greek Antipasto Platter! It is a real crowd pleaser at Christmas time.

What are your favourite culinary oils to infuse in your Christmas cookies? Let us know in the comments below: