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3 February 4, 2015 - Archive

O.I.L. Oil Infused Lifestyle - Young Living








































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  • April Thornton

    I have been participating in this promo from the start. Any word on how long it will run?

    • Great question, April. The O.I.L. Promotion will run until the end of this year.

  • B

    I don’t see where the extra points from participating in the O.I.L. campaign are being added….any advise?

    • Hi there! Points are added to accounts the following month – generally around the 20th. Hope this helps!

  • Brandi

    Just to clarify… the $40 minimum is to get the additional percentage, correct? My items do not need to total $40 to get the bonus reward points?

    • Hi Brandi, the 40 PV minimum on the O.I.L. program is to qualify for the additional percentage. It is not required for the additional points.

  • 33Kimberly

    When will the extra points be posted to the essential reward points account?
    Loving the free product with points!!!

    • Hi Kimberly, they will be applied on or before the 20th of the following month (so we can track any returns or cancellations). Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mary

    Just curious when these points get applied to our ER Balance? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary, they will be applied on or before the 20th of the following month (so we can track any returns or cancellations). Glad you dropped by!

  • Loren Beason

    Is this promotion only for Young Living in the US?

    • Hi Loren, the promotion is for the US and Canada. Thanks for stopping by!

  • So excited for this extra promo!! My ER points for February was +/-60 thanks to this! Thanks Young Living!! 🙂

  • Nancy

    Just a comment about Victoria in the blog about the Northern Lights Farm. Victoria is a city and the capital of the Province of British Columbia. I’m just a stickler for accuracy. Thanks for the info on the farm.

  • Pat Linn

    Are these the only products for the promo? Or are all Thieves products valid to receive extra rewards? I would like to see the all valid products listed with the order number

    • Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by! We’ll feature one of the displayed products per month for the rest of the year, and only the Thieves products listed/displayed will be valid for the promotion. If you click on the infographic above, you’ll be led to a page with the product numbers. Hope this helps!

  • What another generous program from Young Living! Thank you for the amazing promos and incentives to try more and more amazing products!

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