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0 June 30, 2009 - Archive

In February and March, I talked about how to protect your mouth with the Thieves® oral care products. Of course, most of us know that we should brush and floss our teeth to keep them healthy, but sometimes we may not have time to! If you’re like me and sometimes find yourself running from meeting to meeting or appointment to appointment, you may not have the extra time to stop and brush. That’s what makes Thieves Hard & Soft Lozenges such great time-saving alternatives.

Both the hard and soft lozenges contain the university-tested YLTG Thieves essential oil blend which provides excellent breath-freshening and bacteria-fighting elements. For a little touch of sweetness, we’ve added natural sweeteners such as maltitol, sorbitol, and/or xylitol. Each of these sweeteners has a low-glycemic effect and is tooth friendly. For added flavor and breath-refreshing benefits, the lozenges also contain peppermint, lemon, and/or orange YLTG essential oils. What a perfect way to fight the bacteria that causes bad breath!

With your choice between hard and soft lozenges, the Thieves lozenges are a perfect addition to any home, car, office, or purse! Be prepared every day by having your Thieves lozenges close by. Add them to your monthly Essential Rewards orders or order them for a friend. You never know when you’ll need fresh breath!

—Christina Moore

Associate Product Manager

Thieves Hard Lozenges

Item No. 3282 30 ct.

Whsl. $16.75/Pref. cust. $19.39/Retail $22.04/PV 16.75

Thieves Soft Lozenges

Item No. 3229 30 ct.

Whsl. $14.75/Pref. cust. $17.08/Retail $19.41/PV 14.75



  • Lucey Harley July 24, 2010 - 7:34 am Reply

    I love the Thieves Hard Lozenges, they are Great for night time dry mouth with out the concern your are putting tooth unfriendly candy lozenge in your mouth. They work GREAT! Peace and Light, Lucey

  • Victoria Riemer June 30, 2009 - 8:32 pm Reply

    I never leave the house without Thieves hard lozenges. Even the smallest evening bag has room for one or two!

  • Sharon Thom June 30, 2009 - 8:30 pm Reply

    Sorry, the entry was supposed to end with “I can still have a multi-purpose first aid it on hand.” I didn’t realize other bits & notes were at the bottom of the box. Please remove! Thanks

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