Do you believe in love at first sight? Just wait until you see the February PV promo!

We’ve rounded up some of our most adored products to give you goodies you’re sure to love now and the whole year through. See how we love to use swoon-worthy products such as Lavender Calming Bath Bombs, Patchouli, Sensation™, and more, then click here for all the details on how you can get them for free!


  • Diffuse Sensation™ during your romantic candlelit dinner at home. The blend of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Jasmine, and more encourages feelings of love and affection.
  • Apply Sensation to your temples, nape of your neck, or wrists as a signature scent on your next date night or special occasion.

Patchouli Essential Oil - Young Living


  • Use Patchouli to prep for your romantic evening by applying it to the skin. A few drops of this essential oil give skin a healthy-looking glow!
  • Add Patchouli to your shampoo and conditioner. The rich, earthy aroma of this essential oil is a favorite in perfumes and soaps and will help scent you locks.


V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex

  • Treat yourself to a custom massage by combining V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex with your favorite essential oils or show a loved one how much you care by giving him or her a foot massage!
  • Dilute powerful or hot essential oils with help from V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex.

Lavender Essential oil Bath Bombs Young Living

Lavender Calming Bath Bombs

  • Create the feeling of a soothing spa treatment with our Lavender Calming Bath Bombs and the relaxing aroma of Lavender essential oil. They’re a great reward after a long day, week, or month!
  • Celebrate your closest gal pals by gifting them a bath bomb to celebrate your friendship and show them some love. Each pack comes with four bath bombs, so you can give them all to one friend or divide them up between a few!

SclarEssence Vitality

What’s your favorite way to use essential oils to care for yourself or loved ones? Tell us in the comments!