Web限定「サイバーマンデー(Cyber Monday)」対象製品の発表です!

1 2018-11-22 - キャンペーン

選んで楽しい2日間♪ 53アイテムが15~20%OFF!


今年日本で発売をスタートした待望のメイクアップ製品「サヴィー ミネラルズ」やパパママに嬉しい「シードリングス」、さらには大人気エッセンシャルオイル等、ワクワクするような全53品が堂々のラインナップ♪ 加えて、ご自身へのご褒美としてもぜひ選びたい「ローズ」「ジャスミン」「メリッサ」「ヘリクリサム」も数量限定でなんと20%OFF@@!!クリスマスや年末年始は大切なあの人と喜びをシェアしたくなりますよね^^/。ギフトにまとめ買いに、本セールを思う存分楽しんでください!



<Big NEWS!>

「サイバーマンデー」期間中、本セール対象製品のいずれかをご購入いただいた方には、先着で「ディル 5ml(約2,500円相当)」を1オーダーにつき1本をプレゼント!



<対象期間>11月26日(月)9:30 ~11月27日(火)18:00

<注文方法> Web注文のみ




■「ローズ 5ml」20%OFF! ※数量限定


製品番号: 362305D
ホールセール価格:23,625 円
リテール価格:31,104 円


■「ジャスミン 5ml」20%OFF! ※数量限定


製品番号: 356905D
ホールセール価格:9,747 円
リテール価格:12,825 円


■「サヴィー ミネラルズ ファンデーション クールNo.2」20%OFF!

サヴィー ミネラルズ ファンデーション クール No.2

製品番号: 22538D
ホールセール価格:5,454 円
リテール価格:7,182 円


…and More!→「サイバーマンデー」対象製品一覧


 Check out our web-order-only “Cyber Monday” campaign products!

2 days of Shop and Fun♪ 15 to 20% discount for 53 different items! 

The campaign will start at 9:30am on Monday, November 26!

Cyber Monday Campaign will offer you discounts for selected 53 items! This year’s new comer “Savvy Minerals” make-up items, Mom and Dad’s favorite “Seedlings” , your all-time-favorite essential oils and much more are included in this exciting promotional product line-up! Also, if you are thinking about splurging on something special for yourself, you can’t miss Rose, Jasmin, Melissa and Helichrysum, all of which will be on limited offer with as much as 20% of discount!You may want to share what you love with your loved ones especially during Christmas and winter holiday season which is just around the corner.Have fun and make the most of this campaign for gift-hunting and bulk-buying!

“Cyber Monday” campaign products(pdf)

<Big NEWS!>

We will offer one 5ml bottle of Dill single essential oil normally priced around 2,500-yen, to those members who order Cyber Monday campaign products during the campaign period. One bottle will be given per order!
※ Please note we will have to stop this give-away once the limited stock of this gift oil runs out.

“Cyber Monday” Campaign

When ? : 9:30am on Monday, November 26 thru 18:00 on Tuesday, November 27
Who can participate? : All Young Living members

How can I order? : Web order only
First please go to Virtual Office and follow the following steps : “Quick Order” => “Select Category” => ” Promotion Products” => “Cyber Monday : 11/26-27
※ The campaign benefits can be applied only to those product orders made through Web.  The orders made through telephone, Fax, mail or over-the-counter in our show room,  will not be able to enjoy the promotional perks.

< Attention! >
※ When order, please make sure to chose product number with “D” at the end. Those products of which product numbers do not have “D” at the end, are not a part of Cyber Monday Promotion product line-up.
※ The promotinoal benefits will be applied to those orders made to Young Living Japan only.
※ Cyber Monday campaign order cannot be included in your regular Essential Reward order. Also, campaign products cannot be exchanged with your Essential Reward Points. (ER points)

Cyber Monday site>>


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