The following products will be available for resale from 9:30 AM on Friday, October 30th.

Productsall “Nature’s Ultra CBD series” products

Sales start date from 9:30 AM, Friday, October 30th 

How to orderby phone, Web, Fax or Experience Center 

【All “Nature’s Ultra CBD series” products 10%OFF Campaign】

To celebrate of this re-release, we will offer you a special campaign! All CBD products, including premium kits, will be 10% off.
Please take this opportunity to purchase.


Campaign period: from 9:30 AM October 30th, 2020 to Monday, November 30th, 2020.
How to order: by phone, Web, Fax or Experience center


【Price (after discount)】

■ Premium Kit Nature’s Ultra CBD Series
Product Number: 33126D
Sharing Member Price:¥21,780(tax included) PV90.00

■ CBD Body Balm Active 300MG
Product Number:31157D
Sharing Member Price:9,900(tax included) PV67.25

■ CBD Oil Roll-On Calm 300MG
Product Number:31158D
Sharing Member Price:7,920(tax included) PV51.25

■ CBD Oil Citrus 500MG
Product Number:31155D
sharing Member Price:10,835(tax included) PV71.75

■ CBD Oil Cool Mint 500MG
Promotional Product Number:31156D
Sharing Member Price:10,835(tax included) PV71.75

■ CBD Oil Cinnamon 500MG
Promotional Product Number:31160D
Sharing Member Price:10,835(tax included) PV71.75


For more information about “Nature’s Ultra CBD series”CLICK

【Notes for ordering】

・Please select and use the product number with a “D” at the end of the product number for discounted products.  if the “D” code is not attached, the discounted price is not applicable.
・The discount products can be order on ER order, during the period of this campaign.
・The PV is also discounted when ordering with the product code above. Please note the total PV of the order (50PV, 100PV, 110PV, 200PV, 350PV, etc.) if you are considering ordering by membership continue or “ER order”.


*We recommend you to use Virtual office to make changes to your order. (Available 24 hours a day)



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