2021年4月 10%OFF製品
2021年4月 10%OFF製品

April, 2021 10% Off Promo

April, 2021 10% Off Promo

Hinoki & Bath Salt Set ヒノキ&バスソルト セット

To meet all of the requests, we decided to keep providing the promotional discount for the popular “Hinoki oil & bath salt set”.

Hinoki essential oil, an ancient oil with a rich, citrusy aroma, comes from the Japanese cypress.

This oil’s aroma helps create an environment where you can increase your spiritual awareness.

Historically, Hinoki essential oil was used to refresh the soul. Enjoy your bath time to relax.


おやすみ前のお勧めの ディフューザーブレンド

・5mL Hinoki oil
・Bath Salt 180g (serving for 5 times)
**natural Himalayan Rock salt
・Recipe card

Product code: 36338D
PV: 22.75
Sharing price: 4,125 Yen
Shopping price: 5,445 Yen


Essential Oil Valerian エッセンシャルオイル ヴァレリアン5mL

In Commemoration of the 1-year anniversary of the introduction of Valeria, we decided to keep providing the promotional discount.

Valerian essential oil has an earthy aroma.

Diffuse these earthy oils as the perfect bedtime companion after a long day to foster moments of peace.


おやすみ前のお勧めの ディフューザーブレンド

Product code: 364805D
PV: 34.50
Sharing price: 5,500 Yen
Shopping price: 7,260 Yen


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※ Please note that the product is subject to change without notice in the event that high quality materials are not available due to weather conditions or growing conditions