Schedule: 12/1 9:30~12/15

Rose Essential Oil(5mL)

ITEM NO.:362305D
Sharing Membership Price:27,115yen
Shopping Membership Price:35,695yen

Melissa Essential Oil(5mL)


ITEM NO.:358905D
Sharing Membership Price :23,045 yen
Shopping Membership Price:30,360 yen

Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil(15mL)

ITEM NO.:355205D
Sharing Membership Price :13,145 yen
Shopping Membership Price:17,325 yen


・To apply the campaign price, be sure to select and use the number with “D” after the product number.
・Please note that the products in the promotion are subject to change in schedule or out of stock without notice if high quality materials are not available due to weather conditions, growth conditions, or other factors.
・No limit per member.
・Regular PV applies to Otoku-bin Point redemption orders.
・PV reduced by 10% as well as price discount.

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