The Ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride, and culminates in an excruciating 26.2 mile run. This year, with the help of Young Living products, Heather Butcher, age 36, completed the Hawaii Ironman World Championship—her seventh Ironman-length triathlon. Here’s what Heather has to say about Young Living:

“I started out using three Young Living essential oils and three nutritional supplements about a year and half ago when I was not feeling really strong in my training and racing. I spoke with Young Living distributor Katherine Short, who made some suggestions after discussing some of my challenges. She suggested Valor®, lavender, and PanAway® along with BLM™, MegaCal™, and Sulferzyme® for some of my internal issues. I was completely amazed at how quickly body responded.

At that point I was convinced that there was something to Young Living products, so I decided to try out NingXia Red®. I started doing a daily dose of NingXia Red and using Thieves® at night as my mouthwash. Being in the health and fitness industry, I am convinced that most Americans do not come anywhere close to ingesting the necessary nutrients they need to be healthy. I firmly believe that NingXia Red provides so much nutrition in such a small amount that it fills in the huge gaps left by our poor nutrition habits. I eat quite healthy on a regular basis, but it wasn’t until I started taking NingXia Red that I really felt like I could fight off anything. I believe that the stronger our immune systems are due to natural plant resources, the stronger our bodies will be in battling illness. I even started using NingXia Red in my Ironman triathlon training as well as my races. It is part of my pre-race breakfast as well as post-race recovery and I even use it during the race for longer races. NingXia Red is such a powerful source of antioxidants; I cannot imagine anyone not making that part of their daily diet.”

—Heather Butcher currently resides in Florida, where she trains other Ironman hopefuls and gives motivational speeches on the importance of nutrition.