Introducing Light the Fire Essential Oil Blend

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By Heidi Jeanfreau, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager


I’m so excited about one of the new oil blends that launched at our 2015 International Grand Convention: Light the Fire! One of the many added benefits of working at Young Living is that I had the privilege of being able to preview this extraordinary blend before its launch.


Light the Fire Essential Oil Blend - Young LivingLight the Fire is an exotic combination of rich, earthy, and relaxing aromas. D. Gary Young specifically formulated this unique and proprietary combination to complement and support the Light the Fire convention theme. This warm, spicy fragrance includes several exclusive Young Living essential oils, such as Northern Lights Black Spruce, the first oil distilled at our new Northern Lights Canada farm; Mastrante and Ocotea from our Ecuador farm; Hinoki and Jade Lemon from our Taiwan farm; and Nutmeg, Cassia, Canadian Fleabane, and Black Pepper. Light the Fire also includes the naturally occurring constituents beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, and limonene.


I dilute Light the Fire with V-6 Vegetable Oil complex in a 1:4 ratio and use a roller fitment for easy application. I have been applying it every morning over my heart and massaging it into my legs for the last week to enjoy its inspiring aroma throughout the day.


Here are some ways to enjoy Light the Fire:

  • Inhale directly from the bottle to enjoy its spicy and rich fragrance.
  • Dilute and apply it to your wrists and heart for a warm, inspiring aroma.
  • Use during morning prayer or meditation to ignite your day.
  • Add to V-6 and massage your feet before bed.
  • Use in conjunction with Build Your Dream, Live With Passion, Magnify Your Purpose, Present Time, or Valor II to give yourself a rich aromatic experience.


How will you use Light the Fire to inspire your life? Let us know in the comments and you could win a free bottle of this brand-new blend!


Giveaway rules:

  • To enter, simply comment on this post.
    • If you receive an error message, please wait 15 seconds to post your comment. All comments are moderated and may not display immediately.
  • Three commenters will win a 5-ml bottle of Light the Fire valued at $58.88 each.
  • Contest ends at 11:59 p.m., MT, on Sunday, August 16.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on the blog on Tuesday, August 18.
  • Click here for official rules.



Congratulations to these winners! We’ll be in touch via email to send your 5-ml Light the Fire oil. Thanks to everyone who entered!

  • Glenda R. #2078392
  • Kristin M. #1742497
  • Sharon F. #1818579



  • Malea Parker August 13, 2016 - 8:04 am Reply

    I am so ready to relax with the smells of a campfire in my senses. Such wonderful memories to ignite.

  • Sylvia Bucholtz April 29, 2016 - 2:09 pm Reply

    So ready to try this new oil. I’m just starting with these oils and love them.

  • Martha Alverson March 21, 2016 - 11:55 am Reply

    I would like to try light the fire. I’m somewhat new at this and love trying different one.

  • Jerry Waugh September 30, 2015 - 2:31 am Reply

    I would like to try Light The Fire and let it take me to a place that has the aroma of the outdoors, the smell of the woods

  • Theresa Saskowski August 28, 2015 - 10:09 pm Reply

    I can’t wait to try! The descriptions given makes me think back to being a kid at camp. All of those smells of being out in the woods,with a campfire at the end of a great day! Heavenly…

  • Phyllis Ogle August 25, 2015 - 7:10 pm Reply

    Love my oils

  • Janice Wickham August 21, 2015 - 4:59 am Reply

    This oil sounds great. Love those type of fragrances. It has great purpose also.

    • Joy Marcelino August 23, 2015 - 7:01 pm Reply

      Sounds good can’t wait to try.

  • Kelly August 19, 2015 - 5:16 pm Reply

    This oil sounds amazing. I love applying the woodsy oils because they help me feel grounded. I bet this would be wonderful in my diffuser especially in the fall or winter with a fire going in the fireplace. I can imagine it now 🙂

  • Lisa August 18, 2015 - 9:14 pm Reply

    You can’t wait to join and order my starter kit!!! So excited!!

  • Angela Rios August 18, 2015 - 2:15 pm Reply

    I know it’s too late for the contest, but I am excited about the new blend, and am interested to know the inspiration for Light the Fire. Can Mr. Young tell us what the primary purpose is for Light the Fire.

  • Glenda Rutherford August 18, 2015 - 12:23 pm Reply

    Thank you so much!!

    Can’t wait to try Light the Fire and to grow my Young Living business even more.

    Glenda Rutherford

  • Jennifer Larsen August 18, 2015 - 12:14 pm Reply

    I love using my oils every day. I can’t wait to try Light The Fire

  • Kacey Dea Zelch August 18, 2015 - 11:48 am Reply

    I would love to light the fire of my business using this irresistible scent to draw them in!

  • Jamie Barris August 18, 2015 - 8:25 am Reply

    This sounds like the perfect oil for a cozy bookreading date with my kiddos! I would diffuse it or roll it on my wrists and cozy up with an adventure series for Lighting the Fire of their imaginations!

  • Olga Barnwell-Gift August 18, 2015 - 6:26 am Reply

    Light the Fire inspires me to empower others.

  • cheryl August 18, 2015 - 5:05 am Reply

    I would love the try this oil for myself and my family. It sounds like it is helpful for many areas of life that I find exciting! bring it on young living..

  • TJ August 17, 2015 - 10:14 pm Reply

    I’d use it to help me light the fire in our first ever year of homeschooling. 🙂

  • Janice Coleman August 17, 2015 - 9:44 pm Reply

    I will diffuse while decorating for the holidays. The oil can help inspire creativity!

  • Linda DuMond August 17, 2015 - 9:29 pm Reply

    i wish to experience the “purpose of LIGHT THE FIRE” …and to share it as well…some may have the pleasure of annointment…some may bask in the diffuser aroma, either way it will be a privilege and a special treat from Gary and Mary Young. Thank you for this loving gift!

  • CJ August 17, 2015 - 6:55 pm Reply

    I love trying new oils and sharing with other what they did for me and could do for them.

  • Suzanne Jordan August 17, 2015 - 5:18 pm Reply

    As a teacher starting a new school year, I’d love to wear this blend to light my fire and motivate my students as well! I would wear it in my diffuser necklace and share the spicy fragrance with everyone at school! I’d save the rest for me to diffuse at home! It sounds amazing and can’t wait to try it when I WIN!

  • TammyDrysdale August 17, 2015 - 3:42 pm Reply

    I am new to Young Living so I would love to have a new free product to try. I am sure I will not be able to attend the convention but it sounds like I’ll be wishing I could have!! God Bless Everyone!!

  • Cheryl Kelly August 17, 2015 - 2:45 pm Reply

    Had a big move. This might light a fire so I can get unpacked 🙂

  • Laura Murphey August 17, 2015 - 2:32 pm Reply

    My father in law passed away May 31. This summer has been a challenging one, filled with distractions and new responsibilities. My oily focus moved to the back burner for a while. I am ready to “Light the Fire” again, and this blend would be a great oil to spark the flame.

  • Angela Fedie August 17, 2015 - 2:24 pm Reply

    I have just enrolled and this oil looks amazing. I would love to try it!

  • Elizabeth Bernhard August 17, 2015 - 1:51 pm Reply

    I would love to add “Light The Fire” I am in a new place of life, and have started many new activities which require me to stay motivated! Of course, motivation always needed in growing my Young Living business, as well as a new running schedule and working out in Zumba, which is intimidating to me because I have two left feet and no rhythm! All this on top of a full-time job, and raising 3 beautiful daughters on my own, I definitely need my fire to stay LIT!
    Light My Fire, Young Living!

  • Larissa Brantley August 17, 2015 - 12:13 pm Reply

    I would use this oil in the morning and the evening to add a little spice to my day!!

  • Mary Ann tierce August 17, 2015 - 11:03 am Reply

    Love my oils

  • Rosemary Levesque August 17, 2015 - 9:35 am Reply

    As a Reiki Master and guided intuitive, I knew instantly that the properties in this blend would benefit many people, especially for feeling more grounded and balanced. I love that the blend includes mastrante, ocotea, jade lemon and more – revitalizing AND grounding AND balancing.

  • Lisa Swanson August 17, 2015 - 9:15 am Reply

    up before dawn to take my daughter to swim practice…..I could really use this one!

  • Misty August 17, 2015 - 9:07 am Reply

    With three babies a year old and under, I am constantly in need of “Lighting A Fire!” I would love to try this new oil, it’s so exciting to try new oils and blends!

  • Donna Davis August 17, 2015 - 8:10 am Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful blend! 😀

  • Jennifer Christensen August 17, 2015 - 7:31 am Reply

    I would love to try this fire scent this fall!

  • Saundi Brown August 17, 2015 - 6:54 am Reply

    I have been taking care of my mother and a close friend and both have dementia. I sure could use this oil for relaxation. I have just started selling Young Living and am learning so much about the products.

  • Barb Blue August 17, 2015 - 1:28 am Reply

    I’d like to try Light My Fire and see how it works for me.

  • Beth Cooley August 16, 2015 - 11:53 pm Reply

    I can’t wait to use this oil during the fall season and Thanksgiving. It will smell great diffused with my Bamboo diffuser!

  • Gina McDonald August 16, 2015 - 11:53 pm Reply

    I am enjoying all of my oils from the starter kit. Ready to try some others, and this one would be a wonderful addition to what I have now!

  • Treena August 16, 2015 - 11:46 pm Reply

    Would love to try this! Great for the COLD Canadian winters!!

  • Natalie ackerman August 16, 2015 - 11:16 pm Reply

    This oil smells so amazing!!! I would love to share it in everyone’s home! I smelt and tasted it at convention!

  • Diane Engelmann August 16, 2015 - 10:56 pm Reply

    Sounds like a sure fire way to have the perfect fall day! Mix with Valor II and you can’t miss! I would love to try this one asap….

  • Denise Rhodes August 16, 2015 - 10:47 pm Reply

    I would love to try this one.

  • Jorja August 16, 2015 - 10:46 pm Reply

    I would love to diffuse this new oil!

  • Denise Morgan August 16, 2015 - 10:23 pm Reply

    I like the idea of promoting inspiration during my daily devotional. I would to try applying to my feet at night, also.

  • Hope August 16, 2015 - 10:19 pm Reply

    I know I already have the fire within me, I just need something to ignite it! The ‘Light the Fire’ blend is just what I need! 🙂

  • Lee Anne Hahn August 16, 2015 - 10:04 pm Reply

    I would love to try this.

  • Kristi G August 16, 2015 - 10:03 pm Reply

    I would use the Light the Fire essential oil blend to kickstart my business. I was supposed to atttend convention and could not, so i ended up following social media and got inspired. Totally motivated to light the fire for my business.

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