We all love hearing stories about women making a difference in the world. That’s why Young Living empowers women as they build their own businesses and supports them in caring for their families with natural solutions. Whether women are stay-at-home moms or go-getting boss babes (or both!), we fully support each and every one of them. Simply put, we’re passionate about encouraging women everywhere. So here’s to you, ladies!

To celebrate, we’ve asked some of our members about their thoughts on womanhood. See their thoughts below and share yours with us in the comments!

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

“My favorite thing about being a woman is being so connected to my emotions and my feelings, which can be a little overwhelming sometimes. But I have given myself permission to just feel that wide spectrum of emotions that as women we can be so tapped into and so aware of. I love having that connection with my body and my heart and just being able to feel all the feelings.”

Charissa Mayeda

What are some things that make you feel empowered and strong?

Charissa Mayeda

“For me, I think a lot of the time it comes back to gratitude. Anytime I’m feeling like my worth is being questioned or I’m not feeling as powerful as a person and business owner and the woman that I truly am when I sit back in gratitude and look at all the things in my life, even down to the real little things, and I reflect back in gratitude that really brings me back and fulfills me and puts things back in perspective.”

— Naomi Bechaz

What is a way that Young Living has changed you? 

“Young Living has changed my life in ways I would’ve never imagined. When I said yes to getting my starter kit I had no clue the abundance of community that was about to overflow into my life. And that is my favorite thing about this company, all the people I’ve gotten to meet and be inspired by. What is so cool about this community is everyone is just seeking wellness and seeking being better and when you surround yourself with those kinds of people you can’t help but want that for yourself too. It really is a beautiful inspiring thing to be a part of.”

— Charissa Mayeda

Danielle Marzano 

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