How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil

3 September 5, 2013 - Archive

Peppermint essential oil has a strong, clean, and minty aroma. As one of the most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion, it may also restore digestive efficiency.*

Young Living Peppermint OilThe beneficial effects of Peppermint essential oil have been well documented by science. Jean Valnet, MD, studied peppermint’s supportive effect on the liver and respiratory systems. Other scientists have also researched peppermint’s role in improving taste and smell when inhaled. Dr. William N. Dember of the University of Cincinnati studied peppermint’s ability to improve concentration and mental sharpness. Alan Hirsch, MD, studied peppermint’s ability to directly affect the brain’s satiety center, which triggers a sensation of fullness after meals.

According to a recent study in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, peppermint oil may have a positive effect on exercise performance. Read our news release to learn more about this study.

Peppermint can also be used to enhance the flavor of food and water. We suggest diluting this essential oil with Young Living’s V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex before topical application.

Peppermint Tips from Young Living:

  • Rub one drop on the temples, forehead, over the sinuses (careful to avoid contact with your eyes), and on the back of the neck to relieve head pressure.*
  • Place 2 drops on the tongue and rub another drop of oil under the nose to help improve concentration and alertness.
  • Apply to the back of the neck and shoulders throughout the day to keep energy up.
  • Diffuse or inhale mid-morning to curb the desire to snack.
  • Inhale or rub a drop on your abdomen to soothe minor stomach discomfort.*

Find more tips from Young Living on how to use Peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint Tips from Young Living Facebook Fans:

Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil“I keep a small spray bottle on my desk at work with peppermint oil and water. When I’m feeling foggy or tired (not often), I spritz a little around my head and in the air over my desk. It’s a good perk up and better than soda or candy!” – Teresa T., Distributor

“Put a drop on your tongue for fresh breath.” – Lou B., Star

“I found out by accident that it is great to remove spruce gum from hair and clothing. The spruce gum just brushes right out.” – Julie L., Distributor

“I love peppermint oil and so do my cats. I put one drop on a cat toy, and one of the cats starts licking it right away.” – Jeannette S., Star

Do you have any tips to share on how to use Peppermint essential oil? If so, please leave a comment.

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  • Simply Essential

    The pollen has been awful and I have asthma. I recently walked into a massage therapists office and they had lemon and peppermint oils diffusing. After being there a few minutes, I felt my lungs break free from the tightness I’d been feeling. I was so impressed, I came home and fired up my diffuser with peppermint and lemon oils.

    I woke up this morning sneezing, so I grabbed a bottle of peppermint oil and put some on my finger tips and stated inhaling it and I felt my sinus pressure subside and my sneezing stopped. I added some peppermint oil to V6 oil and rubbed my temples. I’m simply amazed!

  • Wee Loon

    do you mix the oil with the water?

  • Mom of four in Florida

    It’s a natural way to get rid of head lice. You can use it on your pets to keep fleas and ticks away!

  • Jo S.

    I massage a drop of peppermint behind my ear and under my jaw to stop TMJ pain.

  • Jo S.

    I put a few drops of peppermint in my horse’s watering bucket and my horse loves it and drinks all the water he needs to stay healthy.

  • Jo S.

    I put a drop of peppermint in the palm of my hand and with my finger tab into my throat at the onset of sore throat or cold. It immediately stops the pain and the sore throat does not come back. I wouldn’t be without it and haven’t sufferend from sore throats now for years since using peppermint.

  • Peppermint is my new favourite

    I was going out on a fishing trip this weekend and since I had run out of my normal over-the-counter anti-nausea medication I grabbed my bottle of peppermint instead. When I started to feel woozy, put on a pair of ‘sea-bands’ (stretchy wrist bands that hit a motion sickness pressure point on the underside of each wrist) and put drops of peppermint oil on the pressure points. Also put a drop or two on my tongue and earlobes. Couldn’t believe it but within about two minutes my head cleared and the wooziness subsided. I felt great and without the drowsiness from the ‘other’ medication. I had to reapply a few hours later. Woke up the next day feeling better than I had in weeks. My new go-to essential oil!!

  • Joel-ski in Hockeytown

    I used it on my head and breathed it in when I was taking the test for the post office about 8 years ago. It helped tremendously. I smelled like a walking candy-cane..

  • Mo

    I use peppermint and thieves in a water bottle – just a couple drops of each and I am ready to tackle the world

  • Compassionate Spirit Therapies

    Whenever I have an empty bottle of peppermint, I put it, uncapped, in my indoor trash receptacle, outside the trash bag. It keeps the trash area smelling fresh and clean – and is killing germs at the same time! It lasts for weeks!

    • Lisa Krznarich, RN

      Great idea!

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