How to Freshen Up Your Home

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Freshening Your Home with Young Living Essential Oils


What are some of your favorite tips and aromatic essential oils for keeping your home fresh? Let us know in the comments!
  • Emma Elrod

    Love all of these ideas!!!!

  • Debbie

    Hi I have a question for you.
    Theives in a carpet cleaner, our little one pee pee on our carpet. Want tho remove the smell and not have her doing that again. Using the Theives concentrated cleaner and if so how would you suggest we do that dilution. Any other sending suggestions for tyre carpet?

    • Young Living

      Hi Debbie, The recommended dilution for carpets is 100:1. The dilution ratios are located on the bottle label for your convenience. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Kimberley

    Could anyone tell me what kind of spray bottle you use with the oils and how much water do you use in the mix I am new to this and I just got some of my oils today,, if anyone could help me with the size ratio of water and bottle size, also do you use a regular spray bottle,, anything will help

    • Young Living

      Hi Kimberley, For a DIY Room Spray, we suggest using 4 ounces (1/2 cup) water in a glass or stainless steel spray bottle of your choice. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

      • Cara

        Does the spray bottle have to be glass or stainless? Is the reason for not using plastic due to possibly being toxic??

        • Young Living

          Hi Cara, Using essential oils and essential oil products safely in conjunction with plastic containers depends highly on the type of plastic, the concentration of essential oils, and the amount of time the oils are stored in the container or the amount of time the essential oils come in contact with the plastic parts. Therefore, we recommend using either glass or stainless steel bottles. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Roxanne

    I have a question about the Theives wipes. My container had many wipes left in it, but it dried out. How do I refresh it. Can I just add some Theives Household cleaner and /or water to re-hydrate the remaining wipes?

    • Young Living

      Hi Roxanne, Sorry to hear that the wipes dried out! You can add 2 Tbsp. of purified water to the wipes and allow it to soak in to re-hydrate the wipes. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Diana

    There are lots of DIY recipes online from reputable sites. Also if you travel frequently, carry Purification and put on the ac/furnace and spray in room to help freshen things up!

  • Elaine

    Hi! I am new to the Young Living family….I am looking for recipes for things like hand sanitizer, foaming hand soap, etc. that is kid safe. Any ideas or recipes would be greatly appreciated! I love what I’ve read on here so far!! Thanks!

    • Barbara Crisp

      Young Living had both those products and I them, use them daily.

  • Lovely post! All the tips are great and very useful right now just before the holidays start. This infographic gave me some great ideas on refreshing my home for my guests. Thanks for sharing!

  • Luetta

    I am relatively new to YL also. I am looking for a good overall recipe for all purpose cleaner I can use for bathroom/kitchen/doorhandles. Thanks for any input.

  • M.E. Thomson

    I bought a pure wool dryer ball with crochet around it from a holistic shop & I put several drops of Lavender oil on it & use it for the dryer. Our clothes smell amazing!

    • Helen Scott

      That’s a great thought! I bet the clothes ARE amazing = )

  • Doris Wright

    I love the idea of putting drops of oil on the air filters!

  • sondra smith

    I put three drops of our new Northern Lights Black Spruce and three drops of Purification oils on my filter and my car smells wonderful! I drive 300 miles a day so I literally live in my car!

  • Margaret Carwin

    I have had great success using Thieves on stained laundry items. Someone recently told me to try using Thieves in a foaming bottle. Using less Thieves by using the foaming bottle still works well and saves money.

    • Crystal Clairday

      Margaret – can you please tell me if you use the oil or the all purpose cleaner? And how much do you use? Do you put it directly on the laundry or in the entire load? Thank you!

  • Tina

    I keep an old white sock (that lost its mate) in the laundry room. I put 3 to 6 drops of Purification oil on it and toss it in the dryer with the clothes. They come out smelling great, the laundry room smells great and it helps to keep my husbands uniforms fresh since they get a lot of hard use. And if the clothes are bad (sweaty or used hard) I will add Purification to the washer, too!

    • Roxy

      This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Natalie

      For clothes that hit the laundry room extra-sweaty, I spray lightly with a mix of 4 drops Purification in 2 oz water before washing. They come out sweet and fresh!

    • Helen Scott

      I’ve just started laundry so I’m gonna try this today! Awesome idea, thank you

  • Robin Venable

    I put baking soda and vinegar in the toilets and add about 5 drops of Purification and my toilets sparkle and the bathroom smells fresh and clean. Also, I keep Purification in the Home Diffuser in my guest bath and that helps keep it clean and fresh.

    • Pearlis

      Robin, do you put the soda and vinegar in the bowl or in the tank?

      • Robin Venable

        Hi Pearlis, I put the soda and vinegar in the bowl and let it sit with a few drops of Purification.

      • Denice

        How much baking soda and vinegar? How long do you let it sit before scrubbing?

    • Lynn

      For the dryer – does it help with static?
      For the washer – front load – in with the soap?

      • Young Living

        Hi Lynn, Adding essential oils to the dryer will not help with static, but they will help provide extra freshness for the laundry. Essential oils may be incorporated with a front load washer by adding them in with the soap. Thanks for your questions!

        • Another thing to do is to put a safety pin on a couple of the wool dryer balls or the odd sock and it eliminates static. I was amazed that it really works!!

  • Paula Rea

    I would love one of these for my sons room and use the “think” oil. He struggles with learning!!!

  • Christine Baade

    Modern Mom Hack: I use a drop or two of Purification when washing my son’s cloth diapers. The Purification takes all the dinginess out of them leaving them brighter, feeling softer and smelling fresh!

    • Laura

      Christine – when/where do you add the drops of Purification to your wash,? I’ve tried once before but feel like the oils get lost in all that water…. Do you add it to your detergent or just directly into the washer? Thanks!!

      • Linda

        Add the oil to the detergent after measuring, stir and pour in

  • I also use Purification and other oils around the house in many ways and I’m always glad for new tips. One thing I do as well is make a spray bottle of water and a blend of oils that aid in relaxing and spray them on our bed pillows and mattresses. Having a small spray of lavender and such in my purse is good for when I’m out in public and there is a foul smell or if they have recently painted/added new carpeting I have used oils to combat the strong odor.

  • Katita King

    I am excited to learn about the Thieves oil dish soap. I Want to try it for cleaning the kitchen

  • Peg Adams

    I put 5 drops of Purification and 1-2 of lemon in a small container of baking soda. One went in every room in the house– definitely keeps everything smelling fresh! Also a drop of each of the above, right on the inside of the toilet paper roll. 🙂 one last thing I love Purification for is a couple drops on the paper filter of my vacuum cleaner…no more dusty smell when the exhaust air comes back out.

  • paula nelson

    Thieves always leaves my home smelling fresh and clean.

  • DiannaLynn Rumsey

    I like to add 3-6 drops of Purification essential oil to ALL of my loads of laundry. I also mix warm distilled water & Purification in a pump up 2 gallon pressurized sprayer & spray all of my household items such as: furniture, rugs, mattresses, curtains, linen closets, pantry, etc about every 6 weeks. An AMAZING positive “attitude adjustment” for my Home & My Family EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    • felicia

      thanks for posting ;this is great i never would have thought of using a sprayer like that. love the idea

      • Joan

        FANTASTIC idea! 👍👏

    • elaine smith

      What a great idea to spray furniture, etc. What is the ratio you use of Purification to water?

    • LeeAnn Craft

      How much Purification do you add to the 2 gallon pressurized sprayer?

  • Kathy Denson

    I add drops of my choice of essential oils on my heating and air system return filter to freshen the entire house.

    • Alexandria Crawford

      Kathy, I was JUST thinking about that this morning! I am SO doing this today! Thanks!

    • Debbie Switzer

      OH I love this idea!! I am going to do this today! time to change out the filters. 🙂

    • Marina

      Yes! I have started this year putting a few drops of Thieves on the filters when I switch them out! Really helped to eliminate nasty odors when we turned the furnace back on this fall!!

    • Susan

      I have to try this one!!!

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