Greet Spring with these DIY Custom Blends

24 March 17, 2016 - Aromatherapy, At Home, Diffusion Blend Ideas, DIY, Essential Oils, How to Use Essential Oils, Mental Wellness, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

Creating your own DIY spring-inspired blends is the perfect way to bring a breath of fresh air into your home. Diffuse any of these three great blends to embrace the cheery brightness of spring!

Jasmine Essential Oil
Spring Blossom

With an invigorating aroma and hints of floral sweetness, this rejuvenating blend is perfect for bright spring mornings.


Hawaiian Sunrise

Get the uplifting scents of Hawaii without having to brush the sand out of your shoes! Sandalwood provides a warm, beachy smell, while Lime adds a burst of citrus.


Ylang Ylang Essential OilSweet Springtime Renewal

Combining aromas that are clean, relaxing, and romantic, this blend brings together three favorite essential oils for a uniquely uplifting experience.


What are some of your favorite springtime essential oil aromas? Share with us in the comments below!

  • Lynn Layton

    2 each of bergamot, clary sage and geranium and 3 of lavender!!! Love it. Difuse and have it in an inhaler for school and on the go.

  • Alana Golomb

    Lavender, Frankincense and Lemon smell beautifully when diffused together, they keep your mind fresh, focused and calm.

  • Tammy

    2 bergamot
    2 ylang ylang
    4 orange
    So refreshing!

  • Dani

    I love 3 drops purification and2 drops theives in my defuser
    3 drops lavender 3 patchouli and 2 theives is good too in a diffuser!
    and I wear purification patchouli and lavender every day!

  • Melissa L

    I’ve got Tangerine and Spearmint diffusing right now (4 tangerine, 2 spearmint) and it smells great!

  • Joanne Kneller Spence

    I love to diffuse 2 drops Ylang Ylang with 3 drops Orange. It just makes me happy!

  • Lisa J Wireman

    I cannot wait to try some of these combinations! I’m new at this and am so excited to learn. 🙂

  • Katy Kriebel

    Tangerine and Stress Away – smells like a creamsicle!

    • Letitia Jackson Polizzotti

      I MUST try this!

      • Robin

        I have to try that one!

  • Jennifer Kelso

    I have really enjoyed using the dew drop diffuser & I love my oils.

  • irma guerrero

    These 2 are so calming…
    2 Stress away
    3 lavender

  • Jeanne crosby

    Lemon for cleaning. Citrus and peppermint mixture for freshness.
    Love the clean fresh smell

  • Jeanne crosby

    I love Lavender for everything. Thanks young living.

  • Love mixing a “tree” oil with a “flower” oil. Lavender and Cedarwood. Geranium and Idaho Blue Spruce. Yummy!

  • Kari

    Citrus Fresh and Cinnamon Bark!

  • My favorite combination is 3 drops Joy, 3 drops Bergamot and 3 drops Motivation. It keeps me going all day! Perfection in my home!

  • Glenda Estes

    I enjoy: 6 drops Lavender
    3 drops Lemon
    2 drops Bergamot
    2 drops Lime
    2 drops Grapefruit

    • Claire Torrice

      Trying this today, thanks!

    • Leanne Speigelmyer

      oh! I like that! trying it 🙂 thanks for the idea!

    • Fay

      How do you use this one? Diffuser? How much to place in diffuser if so. Im new to this so…. sorry for all the questions

  • Terrie

    I have really loved so many of the Diffuser Blend ideas you’ve been sharing and these are no exception. Each on is lovely.

    We love the Spring Blossom blend….it is so fresh. The Hawaiian Sunrise is in 3 of our diffusers….yes, it is ahhhhhhmazing!!! And the Sweet Spring Renewal reminds us of a flower garden…it was a blend we very much needed after dealing with the aftermath of a heavy snowfall.

    Thanks so much for all the fun DIYs, recipes, and ideas. We so appreciate you.

  • Veronika

    Hi . I’m a new user just wondering if its okay to mix different oils altogether ? Or we need a few diffusers and turn them on together? Thanks a lot

    • Hi Veronika, You can mix oils together to create your own custom blends if you’d like. Thanks for stopping by with your question.

  • Stephanie Raymer

    Blend 1: Equal parts Joy, Stress Away, and Jade Lemon (or regular Lemon works too). At night, add Lavender. You will sleep well, and wake up happy and relaxed with a room that smells AMAZING!

    Blend 2: Equal parts Lavender, Eucalyptus Globulous, and Peppermint.

    Blend 3: Equal parts Purification, Thieves, and any citrus oil you like (I like Lemon or Grapefruit)

    I always put citrus oils in my diffuser, and Lavender when I go to bed. LOVE IT!

    • Just waking up from loading the diffuser with your Blend 1 + Lavender – slept amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dora Martindale

    5 drops lime, 3 drops stress away, 1 drop Joy smells amazing.

  • Erica

    Honeysuckle, Chamomile and Jasmine.

  • Janel

    I’ll be trying ALL of these combinations! I loved the Sweet Springtime Renewal last night! Thank you!

  • jessica coyle

    5 drops of tangerine
    5 drops of Valor 2
    2 drops of lemon

  • L A Berry

    I am having problems smelling my diffuser, I am putting up to 12 drops per oil in it. Am I putting too many? Is it the fewer drops the better?

    • Hello! The amount of drops needed will vary with each diffuser. Please refer to your diffuser manual for specific recommendations. It is also important to note that some essential oils have a lighter aroma than others, feel free to add additional drops of oil if you prefer a stronger scent.

    • Melissa

      You may also try cleaning the diffuser.

  • Julie Chertow

    My favorite personal perfume blend year round is Jasmine & Clove. Sweet & spicy just like me!
    One drop of this blend can easily last for 4 hours. I am still getting compliments hours and hours later after only putting on one drop on!

    • Rachel B

      Great idea!

  • Cathy T

    I love Patchouli, Frankincense, and Thieves!! They are my wake up oils!!

  • Sherl

    I am unable to sign-up for the blog posts. There are no options in the drop down box for email frequency; therefore, I continue to receive an error message stating I must select an email frequency.

    • Hi Sherl, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It should be working properly now. Please refresh your browser and try subscribing again. Thank you!

  • Sandra Alanis

    My favorite is
    4 drops of lemongrass
    4 drops of orange
    5 drops of Believe

    • This is doubled and in my Aria now. Nice!

  • Tarka

    I have loved using Purifiction to help clean the air while we’re spring cleaning the house.

  • Jyll Dite

    Love. Hawaiian Sunrise….Aaaahhh

  • Debbie Page

    Early spring blend to diffuse
    2 drops Jasmine
    3 drops lemon
    5 drops lavender

  • Jennifer Stidham

    Citrus Fresh and Tea Tree!

  • Can’t wait to try the Sweet Springtime Renewal blend!

  • Deborah Hunt

    The Closest I can get to Flowering Citrus Blooms!

    2 lemon
    2 Citrus
    2 Jasnine

  • Georgia

    I like the one we call Spring Cleaning: 1 drop purification, 2 drops lemon, 1 drop orange. Yummy

  • Donna Glembin

    My favorite combinations to diffuse are 2 drops Citrus Fresh along with 1 drop of Peppermint or 2 drops of Lime & 1 drop of Rosemary

  • Valor and a few extra drops of Frankincense.

    Tangerine, Cedarwood and Lavendar.

    Copaiba, and Patchouli.

  • Lauren

    I love lime & spearmint together! I normally add 4 drops of lime & 2 of spearmint.

  • Christy

    Bergamot and Orange! SOOO yummy!

  • I had a lovely pick-me-up today. I did 3 drops of Bergamot, 3 drops of Orange, and 2 drops of Joy (it was a large room). Smelled amazing!

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