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0 November 18, 2014 - Archive

If you’ve loved checking out all our new online Product Guide has to offer, just wait until you see it in print! Shareable, comprehensive, and with a new look you’ll love, the print edition is a sharing and education must-have. Order your copies beginning December 1 to experience:


  • New sharing tools: The Product Guide comes with six handy and shareable tear-away sheets. One side gives an at-a-glance look at the benefits of joining Young Living, while the other gives step-by-step instructions on how to enroll! Sharing just got a whole lot easier.
  • A look at our beautiful new brand: Get a sneak peak at our fantastic new look.
  • Information about the new Everyday Oils™ collection and Starter Kits: The new Everyday Oils collection will include Stress Away™ and Melaleuca Alternifolia in place of Valor® and Peace & Calming™. Because Stress Away will appear in the Everyday Oils kit, Citrus Fresh™ will replace it in our Starter Kits. This change is designed to allow our members greater access to Valor and Peace & Calming, two of our most popular blends!
  • Helpful new product categories: Check out products in Essential Oils, Diffusers, Personal Care, Healthy & Fit, and At Home—five updated categories that fit your lifestyle! They will replace the former categories: Balance, Beauty, Wellness, and Home.
  • Alternate products: Because our production process is so deeply tied to the cycles of nature, some products may become unavailable at times during the year. When this happens, our alternate product suggestions will help you find new favorites!


Order the new Product Guide beginning December 1 or check it out online at! What new feature are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

  • Janice

    I would like an order form that I can print out and present to people along with a catalogue. I have 10 catalogues with no order forms. I don’t want people calling in their orders I prefer they tell me what they want and I’ll call in. How is this done?

  • Tammy

    I really think that sales would improve if they mailed us one copy of promotions, product list and prices. I know we all are on the Internet, but I’ve sold for a lot of other companies and you at least got one in the mail to check out before you ordered more

    • New distributor

      I think getting an initial product guide annually would help spur sales.

      I think if it was included with any order in the range of $30-$50 it would be good.

  • marilyn tischleder

    I am thrilled that I can still have a once a year order at $50 and still get the wholesale prices. I live way out in the country and rarely get customers. I save my money so I can get the once a year order to give myself and others gifts. I don’t get the point values this way, but I can still be a distributer. Thanks Young Living! I love your oils, as they are the best quality of any others and I can trust in your product.

  • Debora Cadene

    How do we go about getting these and are they for the Canadian kits, or the US? (i’m brand new, so i have tons of silly questions…this just happens to be my first one…lol)

    Debora Cadene.

    • Hi Debora, thanks for stopping by! This Product Guide version is for the US and is available under Member Benefits > Opportunity Products > Business Tools & Aids on our website. Hope this helps!

  • tammysue

    Really think, as do many others, anyone in er program should get at least one copy of new products guide!!!!

    • GladysMae

      I agree with you.

  • Vicki Taylor

    I’m very excited for this! What a wonderful resource to use at workshops – will eliminate the need to buy other resources. And I LOVE that alternate products are listed – helps take the guesswork out. And to respond to a comment above, it’s super sweet to have both wholesale and retail prices listed. Perhaps that will encourage someone to sign up under you, which is WAY more money in the way of residual income in your pocket than selling retail to someone! Go grow a wonderful downline with the help of this great new Product Guide!!

  • Pam Noll

    I feel that all distributors should get a free catalog. Especially the ones who purchase every month, and have downlines. Well let me rephrase that, I think all distributors should be given a new updated product guide. Its just the right thing to do. We love the oils, and try to get so many people involved in them. And they bring money and profits to the company, I think it should be like a random act of kindness gift from YL, or a Customer appreciation reward. God Bless Young Living.

  • Sabine

    Will this guide appear in german?

    • Hi Sabine – thanks for stopping by! Our European team is working on a German Product Guide, yes!

  • Roxana

    I’m not happy that the catalog (either one) shows the wholesale price. If I show the catalog to a potential customer, they will want the lower price which is for us distributors not our customers. we should have the option of selling at the retail price or giving the customer a discount.

  • JamieB

    I believe that each person who qualifies for any monthly promo OR is on ER should receive a complimentary product guide. I spend over $500 each month on product and feel a bit slighted in having to pay for a “catalog”.

    • Rebecca

      Have to agree with you

    • Jennifer Chadwell

      Yes! You are totally right!

    • Judy Battenberg

      I totally agree! One shoudl be included with our large orders.

  • Molly

    I wish they were smaller so they were easier to carry and mail. Ugh…

  • Jaynette Bauer

    When a person is legally blind and can’t hear how do they get help for the orders with YL oils, etc.?

    • I would say their upline or family member would need to help them if they can’t see.

    • Hi Jaynette, thanks for stopping by the blog! Our Member Services representatives are more than happy to help people through email, live chat, and phones. Perhaps the person can have someone assist with one of those communication methods for help with orders and information. Hope this helps!

  • Tammy

    Awesome idea of tear away sheets and the alternate oils sheet. Waiting patiently until dec. 1!

  • How do I go about becoming a YL distributor..I have a distributor now, butI want to do so myself. thank u

  • Phyllis Marstein

    I would think Y.L.would send a copy of the new Product Guide to each of us. It helps,at least some of us know price of items without aways looking on the internet, & to arrange our orders. It also tells us more about the product

  • As distributers it would be nice to get a Product Guide in our January Autoship orders?

  • kay

    I just looked through the new book. I know they had to change the take internally or topical only they could not have both. like Lavender now you can take it as a dietary supplement. in the new book it says topically not both. this is on many other oils also. not liking that. that is going to be hard to sell to others some of the oils I take internally now and now the new bottles say not to. very confusing. not liking that they took away nigh face cream and made a new light day cream. why change it if it working. I have used since they started it and love it. will see what it does. and will miss the night cream. not like what yl is doing forcing to change to others.

    • Sandi

      I’m with Kay. I don’t understand why they changed the face care products.I don’t think I’m going to be a happy camper with a lighter face cream either and no night cream. What’s going on?
      I also feel that anybody who has autoship should receive one free product catalog.On the positive side it’s really pretty.Tthe face care product packaging is pretty as well.

  • jason

    I just ordered one from you guys. Could of at least put the new one in. Now I got to re order it. Should send one out as a kind gift as it’s nearly the Christmas season 🙂

  • Helen

    Love the alternate product suggestions, great sharing tool !!

  • Kelly Stomberg

    Love the alternate product suggestion category!!

  • Bonnie Sinner

    Will YL send at least one out in our orders from Dec.~ Feb.??? That would be the best thing to do IMO.

  • LeeAn Kahriger

    How do we add to a 12/1 ER order?

  • Connie Crowder

    How much will the new product guide cost?

    • Hi Connie, thanks for stopping by! The Product Guides will be available for $3.50 each or $30 for 10/pk.

  • Robin Lee Anderson

    oh great! You mean I just ordered a copy and the one being delivered right now is already obsolete??? Nice.

    • It’s not obsolete. Most of the information in the old product guide is accurate. These are by the year so the ones you ordered are for 2014. These are going to be for 2015. 🙂

  • Can’t wait! Thank you so much .

  • Sue Braaten

    Shareable tear-away sheets! What a great idea!

  • Deb

    If we did not receive the Product Guide with our kit, do we need to order it or will it be sent to us? Thank you!

    • jeni porta

      You need to contact customer service

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