Get ready for Spring Cleaning with April’s PV Promo!

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Ready for a clean slate? It’s the perfect time to embrace your inner (or outer) neat freak! Freshen the linens, open the windows, deep-clean the corners, and let the fresh feeling of spring fill your home.

Get started with April’s PV promo, filled with products to help make spring cleaning a little bit less of a chore. Plus, you can meet your PV goal with this year’s spring collection of products that kick off the new season—available now at

Discover how you can use these oils this season while you spruce up your space, and click here to see how you can qualify to get them for free!

Tea Tree

Tea TreeTea Tree’s cleansing properties and crisp scent make it a must-have for anyone who prefers plant-based products, and you can use this versatile oil for everything from home cleaning to skin care!

  • Make a homemade linen spritzer by combining water and Tea Tree oil in a small spray bottle to refresh sheets and towels that have been stashed in the closet all winter!
  • Diffuse Tea Tree oil to infused a space with its fresh, earthy aroma and combat stale air in the home.
  • Add a drop or two to a nourishing moisturizer or rejuvenating hair mask to make the most of Tea Tree’s benefits in your beauty routine.

Tangerine Vitality

Tangerine VitalityTreat yourself during your spring cleaning with the bright citrus flavor of Tangerine Vitality™! It has the perfect amount of sweet-sour bite, so you can easily add it to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between.

  • Add a drop to your chilled sparkling water, lemonade, or NingXia Zyng™ for an extra refreshing drink to help you stay hydrated during the hard work of Saturday chores.
  • Use Tangerine Vitality to create a fruit dip your family can snack on with crisp fruit. Healthy snacks will help keep energy and spirits high even during housework!
  • Create a homemade citrus vinaigrette with your favorite fresh ingredients and a few drops of Tangerine Vitality. It’s perfect for fresh spring salads and veggies!
  • Customize store-bought or homemade marinades with the bright taste of Tangerine Vitality. With veggies and meats ready to go on the grill, it’s easier to stay on top of your busy schedule.

What are your favorite ways to use oils in your spring cleaning? Tell us in the comments!

  • Kris De Carlo

    My Spring Cleaning MUST: I take an empty, ‘travel size’ or ex. sm. bottle, with pump, and add just a little bit of ‘Distilled Water’. I then use 5-6 drops of “YL Purification EO”, 3-4 drops of “YL Lavender EO” & then fill the rest of the bottle with the Distilled Water till full. Shake gently. Then with the final product I can use it to ‘Spring Clean’ items I can’t throw in the washing machine!! Mattresses, carpets after vacuuming, furniture, blinds/curtains…even ALL INSIDE MY BLAZER (truck)!! The “YL Purification EO” has many other essential oils blended together & smells like a ‘clean perfume’. However, it has one of the MOST IMPORTANT EO’s needed for Spring cleaning, ‘Lemon Grass EO”! It’s WONDERFUL, I LOVE IT!!! It purifies and cleanses the air, and leaving behind a nice lavender scent!
    BEST THING & SPRING TIME BONUS!!! I have bottles tucked away EVERYWHERE & in every room!! Then they see me spraying it in my Blazer and in their STINKY SHOES and then THEY laugh!!!
    SPRING…is the BEST TIME to go hiking in Arizona!!!

  • Carrie Mc

    I am very new to Young Living. I received my kit and a bottle of Theives cleaner. I have been using free and clear laundry soaps for a long time, but now I use a half a cap full of Theives cleaner in my laundry. I am loving the fresh scent that my laundry has now and it cleans just as good.

  • Stephania Roeder

    I am excited to kearn more about cleaning with oils.

  • I love Thieves cleaner, well basically anything Thieves! I use it all of the time. To clean the bathroom, kitchen, floors, laundry, dishes and my new favorite fruit and vegetables! Not to mention the “crud busting” abilities of Thieves EO to keep us healthy. It seems I am always diffusing it either at home or work. This is such a versatile oil, who knew it could do so much?

  • Michelle

    I love anything Theives to clean in my house! Whether it in in the bathroom, kitchen, floors or windows! Sometimes with the Theives I put a drop or two of lemon and that is wonderful!

  • Cheryl Robinson

    Lemon EO cleans sticky ‘gunk’ off of stuff!

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