Gary Talks Harvest, Farms, and World Peace Caravan

1 February 9, 2015 - Archive

D. Gary Young - Young LivingYoung Living is growing faster than ever before. Curious about how we’re keeping up? Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young recently shared with top leaders his personal updates about some of Young Living’s most exciting projects and growth. Tireless and passionate about our mission to share essential oils with every home in the world, Gary’s enthusiasm was both clear and contagious. Here are the highlights from what he had to share:


On Highland Flats and the Winter Harvest:

“We’re really excited with the Winter Harvest production this year! We actually started distilling the second week of November in St. Maries instead of Highland Flats because we were in the process of changing out the boiler here at Highland Flats. The new boiler is now installed and working efficiently, providing a significant increase in productivity over last year.


“Besides the boiler, we also installed another 21,000-liter extraction chamber at Highland Flats. It was finished just a couple of weeks ago and is active now, which means that we have a total of three 21,000-liter extraction chambers in operation this year! We’re averaging about 17 liters per distillation this year, up from about 11 liters last year. I’m really excited about that.”


On the Young Living Northern Lights Aromatic Farm:

“We’re working every day, seven days a week [at the Northern Lights Farm]. We’re pushing forward, and though we’ve had a lot of unforeseen delays related to regulations unique to Canada, we’re doing a lot of work to get production really going.


D. Gary Young - Northern Lights Farm

“Because of Canada’s regulations, we are still waiting to start the new distillery’s boiler and have had to put in equipment that we’ve never had to install before to meet specific requirements. We even brought in an X‑ray machine and X-rayed every weld on every pipe in the distillery!  We have also put in specialized water treatment systems because the water has to be at a specific pH for the boiler specifications.


“Because I won’t use chemicals to get the water’s pH where it needs to be, we had to actually have a water treatment system built. If I had compromised and gone with chemicals, we would probably be in operation already. After many inspections and approvals, we’re now just waiting on the provisional government in the province of Victoria to issue a permit to hook up and fire up the boiler. It’s been a mammoth undertaking, a marathon project, working at temperatures down to 44-degrees below zero.


“In the meantime I’ve been cutting, shipping, and stockpiling black spruce trees so we can start distilling immediately once the boiler is on. As of right now, everything is showing promise that we will be distilling in Northern Lights by mid-March at the latest. Though this project has lasted four months longer than I anticipated when we first started and the costs have been substantial, we’re almost there!”


On the helichrysum partnership in Croatia:

Helichrysum“I recently went to Croatia and negotiated on farmland there. We entered into a partnership on the land where we’re already planting helichrysum. We have started growing the world’s first cultivated helichrysum in Croatia!


“Later this year, we’re going to host a three-day Raindrop and essential oil training seminar in Croatia. If you wish to be there, we welcome you. We have limited spots at the host hotel, which is in a beautiful place in a beautiful city. During the seminar we’ll tour the helichrysum farm and, hopefully, the new distillery. We have a goal to start construction in March.”


On the World Peace Caravan

“I was recently in Israel working on the World Peace Caravan. I want to let you know that the World Peace Caravan has grown to the point where it has taken on a life of its own. It has been a life-changing event already. While there I met with many local, regional, and national leaders. I met with the mayor of Jerusalem who offered me the key to the city. I encourage all of you to plan with your families and members of your organizations to be part of the World Peace Caravan.


World Peace Caravan“I’ll just say one thing that came from General Ephraim Sneh, who is one of the top generals in the Israeli military and a speaker at the World Peace Caravan Convention. He’s had a 40-year career and is well known worldwide in the military field.  He said to me, ‘Mr. Young, I truly believe that the World Peace Caravan that you are bringing to Israel will be one of the greatest events in modern history.’ That gave me goose bumps; I hope it gives you goose bumps too. He added, ‘We will assure that [the caravan] will be safer than living in your own home.’


“A lot of wonderful things are going on at Young Living

“It’s been great to have groups of members at Winter Harvest; we’re getting closer and closer with the Northern Lights farm and it’s very exciting; we have started the first cultivated helichrysum in the world in Croatia; and the World Peace Caravan is becoming a positive, impactful event with a life on its own!”


We’re thankful for all the exciting ways Gary is helping Young Living to grow and create a positive impact in the world! How have Gary’s efforts impacted your life? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Lori Gravert

    I had read that the Northern Lights Black Spruce is beneficial to the Respiratory System. I did not read here. Is this a true statement? What else is this particle oil used for?

  • Cynthia

    I am happy to read that your standards are high., especially ““Because I won’t use chemicals to get the water’s pH where it needs to be, we had to actually have a water treatment system built. If I had compromised and gone with chemicals, …”
    Can you please tell us more about the type of fertilizers you use on your crops and from where they come? I am concerned that so many “organic” farms are exposed to fertilizers and water sources that are composed of chemicals from CAFO’s.

  • Stacey

    Questioning this quote from Gary ” We have started growing the world’s first cultivated helichrysum in Croatia!”

    What does he mean? Croatia (and Corsica) are the primary locations where helichrysum is cultivated…

  • I will never stop saying how fortunate I am I discovered Young Living, as it has done wonders healthwise for my family, friends and other people. I consider Young Living MY COMPANY.

  • Amie

    I have attempted to contact Young Living and resolve a problem I have. Nobody cares, I was misled and told a lie. I know Young Living would surely not support this behavior toward your distributors. I have reached out many times and know no other avenue. Please respond or notify me of an avenue I can handle this problem. I can not handle it through customer service. I have tried repeatedly.

    • Young Living

      Hi Amie, sorry you’re having difficulties! Could you write in a little about your problem and I can forward it on to someone who can help?

  • Joanne Schwarm

    This blog definitely shows why Young Living is the most trusted essential oils company. we definitely can be proud to represent Young Living – I am!

  • carmen mathis

    However the oils are made. They certainly are helpful. They seem to work better because they do not have a petroleum base.

  • Young Living is a wonderful ethical company. It does good in the world. Glad to be a part of it.

  • KathrynFaso

    Thank you for the updates. Young Living and Gary Young are unique in the world. So proud to be a small part.

  • I was sharing YL with someone just yesterday and she asked me, “Why Young Living instead of any of the other essential oils companies?” THIS is why. Gary Young and his unwavering commitment to being the best and doing the right thing, no matter the obstacles, is why I choose YL. I trust that he holds himself and his company to a Higher Standard. Thanks for sharing!

  • susan scarpa

    You speak of BOILERS being installed. I thought all the oils were extracted without heat. Please clarify.

    • Young Living

      Hi Susan, glad you stopped by! Many of our oils are extracted via steam distillation. Take a look at — we have videos that go into more detail on the process of creating essential oils. Hope this helps!

  • Judy Mumby

    Please note that Victoria is a CITY in the PROVINCE of British Columbia…, -with all due respect to our CanadIan distributors.

  • Neena Love

    I can never ever thank Gary enough for his steadfast vision and passion. I recently purchased my son a state of the art computer for his first year at University, the grin on his face and the watery eyes was to me priceless, how good it felt to give him opportunities I never have had. My son was in the top 1.5% in his state and will now be doing a degree in Advanced Science. I know Uni and all the expenses that come with it would not have been an option for him if it were not for Young Living. He has a passion to pay it forward and make a difference and this is how Gary’s vision will continue to ripple out into the world for many many years to come; and oh plus he has a $10,000 orthodontic smile. I assist my daughter in different ways and am now putting in place college funds for my grandchildren, 2 and 4 respectively, who knows what they will do for the world ….

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