Father’s Day Essential Oil Gift Guide

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Everyone loves feeling appreciated, and Father’s Day is a great time to show the dads in your life that they are loved! Whether it’s your own dad, the father of your kids, or a special father figure, give a meaningful thank you to the father in your life with these must-have gift ideas.

The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

If he is the type that juggles a career, family, and social commitments (doesn’t everyone?), he has probably been sleep deprived since his firstborn came into the world. Sleeping soundly is one of the very best ways to rejuvenate your body and mind. Help him wind down and relax before bedtime by giving him an Aroma Diffuser with Peace & Calming®, RutaVaLa™, or Stress Away™ essential oil blends or make a custom blend of your own using Valerian, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile essential oils.

Foot Rubs and Massages

One of my fondest childhood memories is my dad waking me on Saturday mornings with a “wake-up” shoulder rub. A great way to give back is to give the gift of stress relief and relaxation through massage oils such as Ortho Ease®, Ortho Sport®, or Relaxation™. He can use them in a foot or back rub to help soothe sore muscles and melt away tension.


You can also give him some portable relaxation that’s easy to keep in his briefcase or desk: a Tranquil or RutaVaLa™ Roll-On. These are gifts that dad can apply to his sore shoulders or to the bottoms of his feet to help unwind and relax after a hard day’s work.

Please leave a comment below and share your ideas for essential oils gifts. Have a happy Father’s Day!

—Heidi Jeanfreau, Young Living International and Portfolio Brand Manager

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  • scubaqueen

    what would be good for ball of foot pain?

  • AAtkinson

    We use peppermint and eucalyptus and coconut oil as a rub for sore muscles after a workout

  • Wendy Aronson Moore

    I love to mix lavender and V-6 in an old lavender bottle and then I use it all over my face before bedtime. (Avoiding too close to the eye area) Not only do I get a good nights sleep but my skin benefits and my husband’s snoring has been reduced because he gets the benefit of the scent!

  • Bridget Mclaughlin-Cole

    My father loves foot massages with these oils would be even more relaxing.

  • Kim Allen

    Im sure any father would love to get a nice foot massage or back massage with essential oils! Or a nice shower disc with Eucalyptus!

  • Jessica Eichhorn

    I’d say any of the suggested oils would be great or even some Nitro or Lemongrass for pain…

  • All the essential oils and blends/products mentioned in this post, and diffusers, are of superior quality.

    RutaVaLa is my favorite for a quick, switch-like, calming effect; Valerian makes me feel relaxed and happy, Peace & Calming smells pleasant and works really well for my dog, and Stress Away is simply intoxicating – I love so much the aroma of VANILLA! Lavender is my rescue remedy for the first aid for very young, for bruising and allergies.

    I love Ortho Ease and many other massage oils, as they have everything needed blended already: essential oils, vegetable oils, plus other useful ingredients.

    Roll-Ons are so convenient, and practical, if you don’t want the oil to go into your hands!


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