Essential Oils Help You and Your Pets Relax

3 March 23, 2012 - Archive

Did you know that your pets are extremely sensitive and aware of your mood and emotions? I know many pet owners who have experienced times of sadness or anxiousness, and then suddenly their beloved cat or dog comes to them as if to help ease their woes. So what do you do when your furry friends are upset, anxious, or jittery? Consider using Young Living essential oils to help.

If you have a high-spirited, jittery animal, apply Peace & Calming® and/or Valor® Essential Oil on yourself first. As you approach the animal, it will react as it perceives the aroma. Kneel down or squat beside the animal and remain still for several minutes so that it can become accustomed to the smell. As the animal breathes in the fragrances, it will become calmer and easier to manage.

For this post I wanted to share a portion of a protocol Gary Young demonstrated on a young horse at the Young Living farm in St. Maries, Idaho.

Gary showed us how essential oils assisted in calming a young stallion as it prepared for a training session. First, Gary applied a few drops of Valor on his hands; he then put one hand on the base of the horse’s tail and the other on its withers.

Gary explained that relaxation is the first step to healing. He suggested applying Trauma Life™, Surrender™, or Peace & Calming™ on your hands and then briefly holding your hands up to the animal’s muzzle or nostrils. As the animal relaxes, Gary explained, work your hand around the side of its jaw and up along the neckline to its ears, and then rub its ears and top of its head.

As the horse relaxed even more deeply, Gary added more oils to the palm of his hand, and the horse inhaled the oils very willingly. Gary continued rubbing the horse’s ears, head, and neck.

I have been working with essential oils and humans for more than 12 years now, but I was truly blown away when I saw how this horse completely transformed from being jumpy and edgy into becoming soft and relaxed!

If you have an anxious pet—or if you are feeling anxious yourself—I suggest using Valor, Peace & Calming, RutaVaLa™, or lavender on yourself. Then gently pet your dog or cat, and see if you both start feeling more relaxed and happy.


Tracy Griffiths

  • Hi Madison! Essential oils can be safely and effectively shared with and around our animal friends. As every animal is different we suggest diffusing small amounts for short periods of time (5 minutes every 1-3 times daily) and observing how each dog responds before increasing the amount and time. For more information on using oils on and around your pets, visit EO’s and Pets A Quick How To, and Animals and Oils What You Need To Know. If you have further concerns, we recommend that you seek the advice and recommendation of a veterinarian who has experience with essential oils use on animals. Happy diffusing!

  • Zoe

    I have a dog who bites when beeni g groomed. What oils should I use and how many drops he weighs 16 #

    • Hi Zoe, If you have a pet that feels anxious when being groomed, we recommend trying Valor® or Peace & Calming to start out. We recommend following the label directions of 1 drop and observe how your pet responds. For targeted advice, we recommend seeking the advice and recommendations of a competent, trained veterinarian with knowledge and experience with essential oils use on animals. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sandra Carroll Cole

    I have a dog that has a thyroid problem and is on medication. She also had cateracts. She is about 11 or 12 years old. Since she has had the thyroid issue she has been barking so much more now. We bring her in at night and she paces all night long keeping us awake and it is getting so tiring for all of us. I was wondering if there was some essential oil to help her to be calm and rest better. Thank you for your time in this matter.

    • Hi Sandra, if your dog has a disease or medical condition, or if they are using a prescription medication, it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian who has experience with essential oils prior to using an essential oil for targeted advice as well as potential interactions between the medication and essential oils. Thanks for stopping by!

  • JSay

    Any suggestions for cats who are aggressive towards other cats in the same household. Hey were fine for a year when we first got them but no since we left for vacation and them being seperated… they no longer get along. Any suggestions?

    • Young Living

      Hi JSay, We suggest reviewing the Animal Scents™ blends or other essential oil products for possible solutions. Please discuss these possibilities further with your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your cats. Cats are generally averse to citrus essential oils and high-phenol oils. For a list of high-phenol oils, please contact Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Pam

    I rescued a 9 yr old Havanese from a puppy mill last Nov. She has come out of her shell some since I got her but is still very fearful & licks her lips, pants and yawns and then shuts down quite often, sitting with her head hanging. Would the Peace & Calming or Valor be better to use on her? And do I use the same technique you told about with the horse? Thanks for your help! Looking forward to helping my little Honey come back to the living and enjoy life a little.

    • Hi Pam! We suggest reviewing the Animal Scents™ blends or other essential oil products for possible solutions. Please discuss these possibilities further with your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your new puppy. Best of luck with your dog!

    • Jackie Meade

      I’m a certified canine massage therapist and I use Valor to balance their energy and then massage to relieve tension and anxiety. I would really recommend trying to find a massage therapist near you or look on youtube videos. I work with rescues and it really helps. It’s great that you’re so wiling to help Honey. She’s really lucky to have a such a good mom. They are our little blessings. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    My dog is aggressive and over-protective of me. She barks at people and all dogs when I take her on daily walks. Which scent is for her? I just would like her to calm down so I can take her out and not have to keep her away from people and other dogs.

    • Young Living

      Hi Jennifer, We suggest reviewing the Animal Scents blends and other essential oil products for possible solutions. Please discuss these possibilities further with your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your dog. We hope this information is helpful for you and your dog!

    • Leslie

      Hi Jennifer..Your dog sounds exactly like my dog! I was wondering if you have figured anything out?

  • Robin

    My mini schnauzer gets stressed when I leave him home. Suggestions to use in diffuser please

    • Young Living

      Hi Robin! We suggest reviewing the Animal Scents blends or other essential oil products for possible solutions. Please discuss these possibilities further with your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your dog.

  • j

    What ylo for a 12 year old lab with summer allergies? Also arthritis?

    • Young Living

      With medical conditions, we recommend that you seek the advice and recommendation of a competent, trained health care provider with knowledge and experience with essential oils.

  • Simmy Burrows

    This is a question about my tiny tot rat terrier, she will not quit coughing, vet said she has allergies and had sinus infection so cleaned her teeth and she lost 2 teeth, she took antibotic and benedryl this has been going on for at least a month, would appreciate any info for her. Thank you

  • cheryl

    I have a boykin that has a fungus on her tail and feet. This make her hair come. the vet gave a shampoo to wash her in but I can’t wash her every day.Does anyone know which oils might be beneficial to her?

  • Carol Kanfield

    What can I use on our Cocker Spaniel for dry skin caused by putting her in our swimming pool? Hair is removed in places. 🙁 Thank You.

  • How do I get the info about you coming to Columbus?

  • Sherry Okamoto

    I have a Dog with the Very begining stages of prostate (sp) Cancer, He is currently on Transfer factor and Buchu, and Saw Palmetto. do you have any other ideas. I am a beginner in oils and can’ find anything on this.
    He is doing really great as of know

  • Sandi Anne

    I am new to Young Living Essential Oils. Are there any oils that help take away ear mites in dogs? Thank you.

  • maria rangle

    Can’t wait to try this on both my dogs. I am super excited. Thank you for sharing this wonderful inspiring information!

  • Rosa Hunter

    What oil can I use on my beagle dog to get rid of a tumor on her back? What oils can I use for an allergic reaction on me from new sheets. I’m using lavender. It stops the itching but the redness is still on my right side of the chest and arm.

    • Have had great results with Frankincense! Let me know how that goes!

    • My beagle type rescue dog, Rocky, got a very hard knot inside his skin on the back of his ear that I noticed before Christmas this year. I read that Frankincense would help, so I started putting it behind that ear. Today is January 26, 2013, and the rock-like thing that was as big as a large green pea is GONE! As an added benefit, his eyes stopped running! I was constantly having to wipe his eyes to keep his face dry! The left eye got better than the right eye, I suppose because I was putting Frankincense behind his left ear. Now, I put a drop of Frankincense behind both ears twice a day, and his eyes are dry! It’s a miracle!

  • We rescued a dog last year after I witnessed his owner dumping him at a local park. He is a very high strung little dog (Jack Russell mix). I have valor and never have used it. Peace and Calming is my favorite blend which I diffuse on stressful days. I am so trying this technique when we come home tomorrow after being away because that is when he is most agitated and upset. Thank you!

    • AHHHHH! So happy for that little Jack Russel to have you!

  • Linette

    I have been using the Young Living oils on animals for almost 12 years and have seen remarkable results with eliminating pain,easing agressive behavior,getting animals with trauma experiences to relax and become more confident. The Raindrop Massage works to cover every challange. I love working with the oils and could tell of many stories of animals helped when nothing else seemed to. Love sharing and educating people how using these powerful oils can be their first to aid kit.

    • Right on! Great to hear.

      • Cheryl

        How do you do raindrop on dog? I have been through CARE raindrop training. Can you email me info for process on dog. Which vitaflex techniques do I use?

    • Zunie

      Hi Linette, considering your experience with using the oils on animals, what would you recommend for a dog diagnosed with bone cancer which has spread to the brain? Am asking on behalf of somone and really appreciate any advice given. Thanks in advance.

    • Kiki

      Can you please tell me how to apply this to our dogs – new to EO’s and want to try on our Yorkie who has become aggressive/very territorial to our other dog – her sibling. Can you recommend any books for EO’s for pets? Thank you very much.

  • Suzette Compton

    Can you tell me if there will be sessions / presentations at the Salt Lake Conference in June on animals and oils? Two years ago there were a few, which were very educational and helpful. It was said then that they would try to have more animal related sessions at future conferences.

    Thank you!

    • Tracy g.

      I hope they will have some classes on animals and oils too! That would be a question for YLEO direct!

    • jan litza

      Yes, Melissa Shelton DVM will be speaking!

    • Cheryl

      Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Higley is great. Try life sciences publishing.

  • Barbara Ellen Held

    Thank you for your blogs, comments and insights. I am thrilled you are coming back to Yoga on High in Columbus this fall. You helped me so much with the introductory aromatherapy class last December. I have had much success in using the oils on myself, family including pets and Reiki clients. I continue to search for more GOOD information on oil usage. I have the desk reference as well as The Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide. I also purchased the Oily Vet Book.

    Do you have any suggestions for my severe allergies? I continue to suffer and am close to asthmatic according to my allergist. I have tried Breathe Again Dorado Azul, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata and a host of other different YL oils at one time or another. I have had limited success with all of them. Today I have puffy red eyes that actually hurt, swollen sinuses and a throbbing head. I have resorted to using the eye and nasal steriods again today. I do see an allergist but I know if I could just find the right combination of oils they would really help me. Thanks so much for anything you can offer.

    • Tracy g.

      email me directly and we can explore what may assist you!


    • susan reuter

      You say you have tried many of the oils but I am wondering if you have tried straight lavender? It has worked with many fellow sufferers by simply inhaling deeply and also applying to face and neck and behind your ears. Good luck.

    • Theresa Lalim

      Lavender daily and/or MulitGreens worked in my house

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