Enjoy a few more outdoor adventures with September’s rewards!

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This month’s rewards are all about working out and enjoying September’s perfect days, so we’re going to show you several new ways to incorporate two of this month’s free oils into your exercise routine!


Click here to learn more about how your order can qualify for these rewards or shop now for these Young Living favorites. Ready for some new ways to incorporate September’s freebies into your life? Check out some of our favorite ideas:

Northern Lights Black SpruceNorthern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil - Young Living

An indispensable part of some of our favorite blends like Valor II®, Shutran™, and Awaken™, this essential oil is distilled at our Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, Canada. Featuring a distinctly rich, woodsy aroma, Northern Lights Black Spruce features naturally occurring constituents alpha-pinene, camphene, and beta-pinene.

  • Apply to the bottoms of feet, along the spine, back of neck, or with Ortho Sport® Massage Oil after an intense workout to enjoy its invigorating scent.
  • Diffuse 2 drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce with 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil to fill your home with the relaxing aromas of the great outdoors.
  • Add a few drops to your favorite lotion and apply before heading out on a run to get in the right mindset.


WintergreenWintergreen Essential Oil - Young Living

Cool down quickly with Wintergreen! With a fresh, minty aroma that’s been used for its cooling topical properties for centuries, Wintergreen is the perfect companion when exercising on warm days.

  • After you finish your workout, rub a few drops of Wintergreen on the back of your neck, then place a cool, wet washcloth on top. Now that’s refreshing!
  • Diffuse Wintergreen with Orange or Lemon to create an aroma that feels simultaneously invigorating and peaceful.
  • Boost your massage experience by adding a few drops of Wintergreen to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for a tingling sensation that lasts.


What oils do you reach for after exercising? Share with us in the comments!

  • Marijo Clemons

    Aroma Seiz, Peppermint and Relax v6

  • chrisitne d

    hello from much research i find that oils need to be kept at the same temp without fluctuations and its best to use a wine cooler at the temp 60. to keep the oils fresher and it will preserve them longer

  • Sandra

    Love the combinations!

  • Jayne Kinneman

    Deep relief roll on because of convenience mostly. Epsom salt bath with pan away but will try wintergreen and cool washcloth next time.

  • I love Ortho Sport with 3 drops of Aroma Siez, Basil, Marjoram, Clove and Wintergreen. I teach a Power Muscle Class several times a week that is no joke. This blend works every time.

    • Misty Zaldivar

      I have a friend who is interested in oils that will help with mm soreness and fatigue. She currently competes in body competitions so she is a heavy lifter. When you say this blend works every time, does it cut back on mm soreness? And are you using 3 drops of each oil you mentioned?

      Thanks for the helpful information 🙂


  • Kim True

    Deep relief!!

  • Nancy Eich

    I’ve yet to start a regular exercise regimen.
    Just can’t seem to get motivated.

  • Wintergreen is wonderful in a foot soak at the end of a hard day!

  • Shannon

    Click here isn’t actually a link.

    • Hey Shannon,

      It might be a pop-up blocker preventing the link from opening another tab. Let us know if that’s the case. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Amber

    One of my favorite oils is purification . It always keeps me encouraged and going strong – before or after a workout!

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