When your to-do list is a mile long during the holiday season, it can be a struggle to fit in your favorite holiday baking traditions; after all, it’s hard to find the time or the calories to spare. The solution: Trick your senses with perfectly crafted essential oil blends that will immediately make your house smell like you have been baking for hours!

The following blends are based on 10 drops per diffuser, but they should be modified based on your individual diffuser drop suggestions.

Christmas SpiritCandy Cane Diffuser Blend

Is there anything more iconic than the smell of candy canes at Christmas time? However, those little sticks of candy don’t necessarily give off a strong fragrance. Not to worry! Simply add these drops to your preferred diffuser and you’ll be enjoying the spicy, sweet scent in no time.

Cedarwood Essential OilPumpkin Pie Diffuser Blend

The smell of pie is divine, but it can be a hassle to make. Combine these three essential oils to convince friends and family that you have been slaving over freshly baked pumpkin pie all day.

Bergamot Essential OilApple Pie Diffuser Blend

Pumpkin pie isn’t always an automatic hit. Maybe apple pie is more your style; that aroma of cinnamon and tart apples can’t be beat. Use these common essential oils to create an atmosphere in your kitchen to remind you of fall evenings all year long.

orange essential oilOrange Creamsicle Diffuser Blend

Tired of the gloomy, overcast days? Wishing for a little bit of wintertime sunshine? Freshen up your home with this light and invigorating diffuser blend. We’re sure that the delicious smell of these oils will make even dreary days seem a little brighter.

Cinnamon Bark Essential OilCinnamon Roll Diffuser Blend

Start your morning off right by flooding your bedroom with the smell of fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls. Get the aroma without all the work, baking, and calories! Add together these 10 drops to make waking up the ultimate treat.

Lemon Essential OilLemon Bars Diffuser Blend

This blend really lets Lemon, one of our all-time member favorites, shine. This aroma is sure to make you think of fresh lemons and vanilla. Use this diffuser blend for an invigorating atmosphere when you’re in a food coma after holiday feasting.

Copaiba Essential Oil - Young LivingChocolate Orange Diffuser Blend

There’s nothing quite like the iconic combination of chocolate and oranges to make you think of Christmas morning; but why wait until December 25 to get that magical scent and feeling? Add these four different oils together and be transported back to childhood memories.

NutmegSnickerdoodle Diffuser Blend

Sugar and spice and everything nice should be a life motto. Surprise your guests with this sweet-and-spicy essential oil diffuser blend that they’ll be sure is coming from a batch of fresh-baked snickerdoodles.

Now you’re ready to fill your home with these delicious scents in a matter of seconds. Don’t have a diffuser to bring these aromas to life? Check out our Meet Your Match quiz to find your perfect diffuser.

For more tips and tricks to get the yummiest smells possible from your essential oils, try our DIY perfume recipe.

Have you tried any other dessert-scented diffuser blends?

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