Decision 2016: Essential oil election

7 November 7, 2016 - Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Quiz, Sharing the Lifestyle, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

Would you rather be led by matter-of-fact Common Sense or peace-driven Harmony? Do you think we need a leader with foresight like Envision or the compassionate financier Abundance?

Exercise your right to vote in our essential oil election by upvoting your favorite candidate!

What other EOs would you nominate for EO president? Tell us why in the comments below.

  • Beth

    Abundance, absolutely! I use it nearly every day! 🙂

  • Dianne Shaw

    It is over, but I think a blend is with every Oil mentioned! Common Sense and Harmony, some Crain Power, GenYus, all of the Oola family, and Copaiba to enhance them all!

  • Jennifer Duval

    Common scence for sure has my vote

  • Beth

    Common Sense….You can’t really function without some common sense !!!!! And honesty is a must.

  • Connie

    Abundance because it takes the stinking’ thinkin’ and makes the world sweet🌸

  • Ali Kucsera


  • Stu Voeck

    Common sense, seems like the biggest possibility to change the political status quo which is not a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Seems it should be, basically common sense.

  • Christy


  • Gratitude

  • Jim

    Valor! Because it takes courage and confidence to lead.

  • Mandy Horne

    Forgiveness because we all need it

  • Jennifer Corley

    Harmony would be favorite

  • Ha! This is great. Whoever thought of this one is a genius! I vote Abundance. Out of all listed it is my preferred fragrance. We all need a better economy, and for sure more togetherness . Potlucks are a great way to start!
    Excellent graphic and post. Thank You!

  • Amy Ward


  • Dawn Orme

    Everyone needs more Common Sense

  • Build your dream

  • Noelle Myers

    Other Oils… Christmas Spirit and Peace and Calming.. we need both of them.. Perhaps Common Sense is President – Peace and Calming is Vice President – and Christmas Spirit is Secretary of State… because we really need all of those.. and Forgiveness should be Speaker of the House.

  • Megan Clark

    Common Sense! Because if you can’t learn from the past, you can’t Move Forward!

  • Kimberly Twardoski

    Live Your Passion

  • Linda Mae Carlson

    Innovate A Brighter Future

  • Ashley

    Yes please!! ♡♡♡ Heaven on Earth

  • Manda brown

    Valor for sure!

  • Pamela Hammond

    I have to say Abundance!

  • Paula D. Roberts

    Release would be a great oil to nominate and embrace the future of Abundance.

  • Christine Cockerell

    I feel we should lift each other up everyday. Times are hard we need each other so much getting together in your neighborhood doing potlucks laughing is what we need in this world 🌎 keep a positive flow going lifting each other.

  • Debbie Wright

    For the first time ever, I’m traveling with my oils! Lavender for rest and Ener-gee for fun!

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