All About Ylang Ylang [Infographic]

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This floral favorite traveled from lush, tropical forests just to be with you! It’s the perfect way to usher in warmer springtime weather after the long winter months. Get more usage tips and fun facts about Ylang Ylang essential oil in this infographic.

All About Ylang Ylang

What’s your favorite way to use Ylang Ylang? Let us know in the comments!

  • Susan pleasanton

    I use it everyday! I have a skin lotion that I make and I put two drops of ylang ylang and one patchouli then rub on my arms neck and chest. It is AMAZING !!!! And people are always stopping me to ask what I am wearing. I just started diffusing it. WOW

    • Is it possible to share the recipe for skin lotion?

  • Sara Middleton

    I loved this conversation/testimony regarding Ylang Ylang. As a newly inspired EO user, I would like to be able to access such knowledge on other oils. Is similar information available on other EO products?

    • Hey Sara! Welcome to the Young Living family! We have done several posts on different oils. If you type in, “All About” in our search bar there will be quite a few oils that come up. Also, if you look through our product guide online it will help you to see more details about YL products. However, here are some links to help give you a start: All About Orange All About Cedarwoodb All About Wolfberries All About Frankincense Hope that helps!

  • Maria N Alvarado

    I, as others requesting the recipe for making the perfume with Ylang Ylang. There wasn’t a response. Can Young Living post the recipe?
    Thank you,

    • Hey Maria! Sorry for the wait. Here is a DIY we did on the blog for making perfumes: DIY Perfume Just use Ylang Ylang as your middle note when making the perfume. They really do turn out amazing! Hope that helps!

  • Patricia

    I use it on heart and wrist. A couple of drops in the bath becomes a soothing aroma

  • John Hughes

    I use Ylang Ylang together with a citrus oil – orange, tangerine, lemon – as an aftershave

  • Hugh

    It also makes a GREAT deodorant. The oil spread directly where one would spread deodorant keeps the odor=causing fungus from forming; and I notice no BO at the end of a warm day, where traditional (NON-aluminum containing) deodorants have already failed. By using daily, one can go for several days if out in the woods camping with no shower. The huge plus is the very pleasant smell of the oil.

    • Carmela Esposito

      Can I get the recipe to make the deodorant? I have been looking for something like this for a while now so would really appreciate if you would be willing to share.

    • Kim

      Hugh, it sounds like you use only the ylang ylang, by itself, as a deodorant. Is that so, or do you mix it in with other ingredients? Thank you!

    • Jessica

      Would you share your recipe?

      • Nancy

        I use coconut oil and whatever oil I am drawn to for the day. Weather it is due to symptoms I am dealing with or emotional needs for the day. I have no problem with BO.

  • Joyce Christian

    I am so drawn to putting it on my heart each day. Mmmmm…..Smells so nice!

    • Lydia Ritenour

      Schmidt’s makes a natural deoderant with ylang ylang and calendula. I can only use their sensitive skin formula though. It comes in Geranium, Tea tree or unscented. I’ve waisted a lot of time and money trying to make my own natural deodorant.

  • Paula Jewell

    My favorite oil of all oils, I live it in my essential oil necklace, smells amazing

  • I know this web site gives quality based articles or reviews and extra material, is there any other site which offers such information in quality?

    • Thanks for enjoying our blog. Our team is made up of trained professionals that collaborate with scientists, researchers and strategists, so I am not sure if there is another site offering what we do. We know that some of our members have excellent blogs and on them they share ways they use oils in their everyday lives. They can also be a helpful resource. However, I do not know of any sites that match our quality currently. We work hard to keep it that way haha 🙂 Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!

  • Devera Wiggs

    Beside diffusing it & wearing it I use this as a spray to freshen my furniture!

  • Kathie

    A friend suggested Ylang Ylang as a calming oil to help me relax. When I’m anxious, I inhale it, and massage a drop on my chest. I love it, as well as Peace and Calming for this calming effect. I learned a lot from all the posts, and will happily diffuse it more often, especially with Orange and Lavendar. Mmmmm…..


    I grew up actually smelling fresh Ylang-ylang in the Philippines. We have a tree of Ylang-ylang. I make sure I don’t run out of the EO. I don’t buy perfume anymore.Love the scent.

  • Debra

    i make a lotion with Shea Butter and Ylang Ylang. I’ve actually been stopped while shopping asking what perfume I’m wearing. I’ve had several compliments about how good I smell. I smile and say ” Thank you, I make my own lotion with Young Living Essential Oils and this one is Ylang Ylang”

    • Debbie B

      How much of each do you use to make your lotion? Sounds good.

    • Audrey

      sounds awesome, could you share your recipe for your lotion 🙂

    • Kimberly S


      would you be willing to share your lotion recipe? 🙂

  • Claire Torrice

    I’ve only tried it in blends, it has such an exotic aroma. It’s on my dream oil list. I can’t wait to get to Ecuador for the farm tour!

  • Lou Jane Daum

    How can I access the information on Essential Oils for Beards?

    • Hey Lou Jane! We have a couple of posts about Beards and shaving on our blog. Here are a few posts that may help you with any information you are seeking. Thanks for stopping by! Manly Man’s Guide Another post we did that may help you for when you want the beard gone: A Close Shave

  • Vesta Lynne Nave

    Is Ylang Ylang safe for topical use during pregnancy?

    • Young Living

      Hi Vesta, As with any medical condition it is strongly recommended that, prior to use of essential oils, you seek the advice and recommendation of a competent, trained health care advisor who is experienced in EO usage. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • We diffuse it with Rosemary & Vetiver for a really good sleep.

  • KK

    I love to mix Ylang Ylang in diffuser with patchouli. It creates a warm, romantic, relaxing fragrance to me.

  • Gigi

    I keep it in one of my EO Diffuser necklaces. Awesome fragrance that I share with others when they seemed stress. “Have a Sniff my friend”. 🌴🌞🎋🌹

  • I love mixing it with grapefruit, orange or bergamot as a perfume or in the diffuser for the bedroom. It’s amazing.

  • Susan

    I love mixing it with orange or grapefruit as a perfume or in my diffuser in the bedroom. 🙂

  • Lyn

    I am brand new and excited about YLEO and all these ideas and recipes. This kind of info really spurs me on. Thank you, everyone!

  • Dee Stus

    A few drops on my “huggy” pillow and I sleep happy. My favorite after Frankincense.

  • Nancy P Drollette

    In my DIY body lotion…love it with Bergamot!

    • Kara Shaw

      Oh my YES it goes great with Bergamot… I like to add Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Ceaderwood to my bathwater.

      • Ruthie

        There are couple of posts regarding DIY lotions. What is your base oil and amounts? Thank you

  • Nancy Jusseaume

    I am currently enjoying Ylang Ylang when practicing Tai Chi. It helps to energize me yet centers me. I put it on my wrists so that as they move, the scent encircles me!

  • ileanah

    I like using it when I work with the chakras, to balance the second chakra. It helps support creativity and joy.

    • Marsha Schmutz

      I’m interested what other oils work with your beards.

  • Janice

    I haven’t tried this one yet but I know it smells good. We have a lot of Ylang Ylang trees in my country. As a child, we used to put the flower’s petals in between our books, notebooks, inside our bags, and also make a necklace/garland out of it as a gift for high school or college graduates. The smell of Ylang Ylang flower is almost similar to coffee flowers.

  • Donna

    I am not sure why, but this does not smell good or floral to me. It reminds me of Digize and I don’t like it, I still use it though…

  • Clara

    Love this oil! I’m curious to know how it benefits hair…

    • Stephanie

      Have you actually put it on or just smelling it from the bottle? It makes a difference. I thought the same thing

    • Tera

      I use it in my hair moisturizer and conditioner and it really makes my hair shine, brings out the highlights and gives my hair body. It feels like it’s getting thicker too. So throw a few drops in your conditioner or add some to an oz. of Argan oil and drench your hair in it and then rinse lightly. You’ll be pleased for sure.

  • Jenn

    I love using this during massage therapy for a blissful transformation. Always uplifting!

  • Carol Kerry

    Thanks to everyone that posted for all the great ideas.

  • Dale Whiteside

    Thank for all the great suggestions for this oil that I already Love

  • Kay Humbert

    What are the exact amounts to make the linen spray? Thanks!

    • Here are the ingredients for our DIY Room and Linen Spray:

      20 drops of your favorite Young Living essential oil
      1/3 cup water
      1 Tablespoon of witch hazel extract
      Glass Spray Bottle

      Directions: Combine all ingredients in the glass spray bottle. Shake well before lightly spraying cloth items. Allow to dry completely and enjoy the essential oil-infused freshness!

      Thanks for stopping by Kay!

  • Kathy Stokes

    I love to diffuse it at night time while I’m sleeping.

  • I love Ylang Ylang in my hair. I massage it into my hands and run my hands through my hair all the way to the ends. Lovely.

  • Chryssy

    I want to visit the farms to bath in Ylang Ylang!


    • Xica

      Ooooh! Would you mind sharing your recipe?

  • Kathleen Niedbala

    Totally addicted to Ylang Ylang! I use as a perfume with orange and nutmeg.

    • Juliann

      How do you mix it? Is it in a spray bottle or undiluted? Thank you!

  • Muriel

    I use it in my foaming body wash- heavenly!

    • Ann Lunsky

      What is your recipe for Foaming Body Wash? I have been looking for one.
      Thank you.

  • Cindy Maricle

    This gorgeous oil is a perfect example of Young Living’s Passion for and commitment to quality: including both purity AND potency. The hand picked blossoms give us a special clue that they are ripe and ready to offer up their oil– the little red dot at the base of the petals.
    They are picked early in the morning for optimal oil production. I will never forget the intoxicating aroma in the groves in early morning as I went on my daily run while visiting the farm near Guayaquil, Ecuador this Spring.

  • Amber

    This is my FAVORITE oil after Frank 😉
    I pair it with Orange in a roller and apply to my wrists, neck and over my heart a few times a day. I call it my “Happy Mama” blend <3

  • I use Ylang Ylang in my facial serum. It’s a great oil for the skin. I use it in my hair conditioning treatment and I love the way it makes my hair smell-I couldn’t live without this oil! It’s also in my perfume I made with Jasmine and Balsam of Peru. Glad to know how to pronounce it correctly!

  • Kippi Schank

    I use it in my face wash and I love using it as perfume! I diffuse it when I’m feeling down! I just love it! I just found a new way to use it thanks to this info! I never thought of using it with Jasmine!

  • Cheryl

    Totally attracted to this oil and whatever blend it is in. Where can I get more information on the “heart note” . I’ve read about the notes but don’t recall reading that particular phrase.

    • Hi Cheryl, glad you enjoyed this post! An internet search for “perfume heart note” should be a good start for more information. Hope this helps!

  • Sally Ching

    I like to use Ylang Ylang at night time, combine with geranium, rose with barrier oil, rub on face, neck and shoulders area. Very good to keep smooth skin, smell good and sleep better.

  • Ylang Ylang is one of my favorite oils. It makes me smile when I’m having a bad day. I love to diffuse it with orange and lavendar! Happy heart! ❤❤❤

  • Kelly

    Love love love!! On my wrists, back of my neck & of course in my hands & breath in deeply! Heavenly… a blessing from God

  • Holly

    I love to diffuse with Jasmine and Bergamot, smells heavenly!

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