All About Peppermint

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Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil and Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil - peppermint uses, peppermint oil

How do you use Peppermint Oil and Peppermint Vitality at home? Share your ideas in the comments below!

  • Hi Debbie! In compliance with FDA regulations, our essential oils display labels that distinguish the products intended as a dietary supplement and those intended to be used for topical/aromatic use. This labeling does not reflect any changes to the constituents or benefits of our essential oils. With that being said the Vitality™ line of oils is the same 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils for which Young Living® has become known. The Vitality™ line has been created so that members can now draw clear distinction between topical/aromatic use and dietary use. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hello Debbie! The only difference between the two bottles is the amount of oil that comes in them. In the 15 mil bottle, you get 15 mil of peppermint oil and in the 5 mil bottle, you get 5 mil of peppermint oil. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi Dick! There are many opinions regarding the most effective way to use essential oils. Our research indicates that cold diffusing oils is better than using essential oils in any burners or warmers, because oils do not retain their beneficial properties if heated to their flash point. Great question, thanks for stopping by!

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