21 Signs You’re Obsessed with Essential Oils

27 April 24, 2017 - At Home, Diffusion Ideas, Essential Oils, How to Use Essential Oils, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

It’s an easy decision to start using and sharing Young Living essential oils. The positive benefits of essential oils can help not only you but your entire social circle. But be warned: Once you start, it’s almost impossible to go back.

Here are 21 signs that you are obsessed with essential oils.

1. You’re pretty sure the answer to every problem is Thieves®Peace & Calming Essential Oil

2. Your whole family and circle of friends now use oils (except for that one uncle).

3. You use essential oils on your kids . . . and your neighbors’ kids.

4. You use essential oils on your pets . . . and your neighbors’ pets.

5. Preparing your bath feels a bit like Macbeth: “Double, double, no more toil or trouble, I’m using Harmony™!

6. You can’t wind down at night without diffusing your Lavender. Non-negotiable.

7. You diffuse Peace & Calming® in your minivan to fight the chaos of carpool.


  Citrus Fresh Essential Oil8. You believe that people who “don’t believe” in essential oils just haven’t tried them yet.

9. Everything in your house smells like Citrus Fresh™.

10. For every situation, you start saying, “There’s an oil for that!”

11. You can’t get out of bed until you diffuse your Lemon each morning.

12. You try and stay below the household budget so you can buy more oils.

13. You’ve used oils to make your own shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste.

14. When people ask what perfume you’re wearing, you proudly tell them about each of the oils and their benefits.


15. Forget spirit animals—you’re an oil through and through, and it’s Thieves®.

Thieves Essential Oil

16. You can’t use “ordinary” cosmetics because your skin looks better using an oils beauty regimen.

17. You keep emergency oils in your purse, your backpack, your desk, and your car.

18. You have at least seven bottles of your favorite oil, just in case.

19. Your Pinterest board for essential oils is overflowing with pins (but still compliant).

20. When your neighbor is grumpy about your invitations to use essential oils, you suggest an essential oil for his grouchy mood.

21. You have a special cupboard just for your oils, categorized by essential oils for emotions, essential oils for physical health, and essential oils for motivation. They might just be color coded, too.


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How has your dedication to essential oils turned into an obsession? Share your “red flags” in the comments!

  • I ran out of the house yesterday in a hurry and did not have any oils with me. When I discovered I that I was Oilless I seriously felt panic! My first thought was to turn back and be late for my appointment, LOL.

    • diane manegold

      I can relate!

  • Kathie

    That certainly describes me.

  • Brenda Aldridge

    This is Krista Kabalan! Great up line!

  • Amy Bundy

    I love this! Totally out of mind with oils stored everywhere in my home. I feel like a squirrel storing up for the winter.

  • Kayanna Clever

    All me!🙋 Yes, oils, oilsand more oils!!!

  • Linda Bundy

    That’s me Thieves is the answer

  • Cathy Byrd

    I’m all of the above and more! I’m at my one year anniversary!, I have no idea how many EveryDay Essential Oils refill kits I’ve have used this year, fixing to place my order for another one next month & I just bought one last month I used to tease my daughter about always buying organic food and constantly reading labels, so now I eat healthy and bathe in oils from the minute I get up to till I go to bed, internally, topical, & diffusing!!! I make & sell a lot of products!!

  • Brenda Graham

    I also agree with all of the above! I just turned 62 this week & plan to continue my job as a mail carrier for years yet. Some aches & pains are starting to creep up on me & so I roll Deep Relief on the back of my neck every morning & I feel like a youngster again!

  • Barbara Minton

    My friends and relative’s no longer complain of aches and pains to me…they know they’ll just get panaway’d.

  • #21. Whenever I leave the house I do not leave without my mini Premium Starter Kit.
    If by chance I do, I go BACK and get it……always feel SAFE with my oils in my purse!

    #22. When I am going out of town on a trip, I always pack my oils FIRST.
    (hardest decision is which oils not to take!)

    #23. I never walk down the cleaning products aisle in grocery store anymore! “POISON”

  • Karen Cost

    Less than a year ago, my daughter had me attend “oils 101” class. About a week later, I signed up.
    Now, I can’t imagine not being part of this wonderful company.
    When my young grandchildren are here, which is all the time, and if they get hurt,
    they ask to be oiled.
    My husband says I should get a tin man t-shirt that says “oil me”. LOL
    Yes, I have a Young Living oil addiction, and I will not go to therapy!

  • It’s impossible to name a “favorite” because they are all favorites – and I want one of each on hand at all times! ADDICTED!

  • Kimberly Clark

    Sounds about right.

  • Number 21 … just one cupboard??? err I must have a serious problem – mine are stored all over the house, bag, car, desk at work . #22 all gift for friends are oils or ‘make by own’ spritz, blend, bath salts 🙂

  • Lisa Peppel

    Today I made a room and fabric freshener using Geranium oil. I feel happy about using Geranium, which is also useful for skincare. That essential oil literally lifts my mood every time I inhale straight from the bottle or diffuse some. I love working with Young Living for my own wellness, and who knows? When the time is right I might actually create a business for myself as my body heals from traumatic events in recent years. I admire and respect the Young’s and wish them continued success on every level as they promote wellness, peace and prosperity for all working with Young Living Essential Oils. Blessings!

  • Michelle lyman

    #22. You have so many oils from all the ER freebies that you probably won’t consume them all in your lifetime
    #23 you have oils and diffusers in just about every room of your house

    Love my oils! Don’t go anywhere without them.

  • lori dickinson

    Definitely addicted to my oils…check my back pack every day before heading out to work….oils, iphone and water….wake up hit the diffuse button, blue cypress and sacred frankincense all over my head, valor on my feet, joy on my heart, abundance and ylang ylang….think i’m ready to go…lemon, grapefruit or lime in my water all day…stress away splashed all over on not so good days!…home…lavender and clary sage for a good night sleep…and all my other lovely oils for all the other stuff 🙂

  • Beth Pruitt -Wells

    I carry stress away with me at all times. I get up out of bed if I forgot an oil for night time. Can’t seem to live without them. May need to get a second job . 😀

  • Guilty as charged! There’s an oil for that😊

  • Sally Stout

    How Funny! This fits me perfect?

  • Jane Broderick

    Ha Ha ! I am addicted for sure ! I HAVE to carry stress away if I leave the house. I HAVE to put frankinsence on each morning I HAVE to apply Endoflex before leaving the house, I HAVE to use Christmas Sprit for my Perfume. I HAVE to diffuse each and every day the list goes on. I have to budget now to have these for ER each month !!!
    Im praying YL comes out with an Essential Oil for Addiction/Obsession to YL Oils !

  • Lisa maciejewski

    Didn’t used to be a addict, now whenever I go I carry my oils! Don’t leave home without them! My friends and I go to lunch and pull out our oils stating try this one for this or that. There’s always an answer! And my dog loves them.😁Addicted I would say yes; I have 3 diffusers😂!

  • Terri Eggleston

    Well yes! I don’t see a problem. ❤❤❤ Its called my lifestyle.

  • Guilty!! What an amazing obsession! What an amazing company!!! Thank you Gary Young!!

    • I am sooooo an addict . True for Me for all the above , and yes I have them labeled and color coded . My essential oil bill is more then some people’s car payment lol !!!

  • I guess I’m guilty of being addicted as I related to all of them. I whole heartedly agree that there is an oil for everything and everyone.

  • candie cook

    For sure i`m a oil hog lol and i do tell people there is a oil for that ……..I have so many i love. not just one favorite.LOVE YOUNG LIVING!!!!

  • Dan

    My wife is addicted to your oils. I wouldn’t say I’m a believer. But if you guys ever go public, please let me know as I want to buy stock!!!! If there are 10 people like my wife in every major city, you guys will all be billionaires.

    • Gregory Smith

      Invest in your bride and her business! Analyzing the return potential of this business made it one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made for our finances. Benefit from the products and benefit from the business! Truly remarkable ROI!!

  • Great Post!!

  • Michele

    Omygosh, 21 out of 21!!! 😳This is SERIOUS! I may need to find an oil for this–possibly Transformation or Release! 😜

  • Marla

    The addiction is real and a healthy addiction!

  • Hahahahahaha! I’m an Aromatherapist so that makes me addicted!!!……

  • Sarah webb

    Uh huh. I like to think it is a lovely way of life.

  • Christine Jones

    Yes, it’s so true😊

  • Everything I do or touch has Young Living Essential Oils in or on or around it. I simply cannot function without them…..

    Also, I will occasionally find one missing and do you know where I would find it?????? Yep, my husband has swiped it from me…..

  • Donita Slemin

    I have used the comment, I have an oil for that! Thieves is the greatest stuff!!

  • Guilty & convicted!

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