Last month Gary Young invited a group of distributors and employees to help harvest balsam fir trees at Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, as part of the essential oil distillation process (Listen to Gary’s experience here). Many of you who weren’t able to participate have asked about balsam fir and how it’s used as an essential oil. I hope this information is both enlightening and helps answer some of your questions:

Balsam fir looks much like a typical conifer tree—similar to something you’d buy at a Christmas tree lot. During a balsam fir winter harvest, the entire tree is cut and delicately distilled. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Gary is very particular when it comes to growing and distilling balsam fir essential oil. That’s why he selects his own trees and personally oversees the harvest and distillation process. What better way to ensure maximum purity and potency (read more about the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ standard) than having one of the world’s leading distillation experts present?

In terms of traditional usage, the plant constituents in balsam fir have historically been used to for a variety of things, from supporting respiratory function to easing muscular and joint discomfort. To use balsam fir for respiratory support, simply inhale straight from the bottle or include a few drops in a Young Living diffuser. You’ll find the fresh pine scent very grounding and relaxing.

Balsam fir can also be beneficial as part of a therapeutic massage. To use it, mix one part balsam fir with one part Young Living V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and massage it onto trouble spots. The primary natural plant constituents absorbed through the skin are alpha-pinene, beta pinene, camphene, and limonene. When used together, these key constituents can work to benefit localized muscular discomfort.

Don’t forget to check out all the Young Living products that have balsam fir in them! Balsam fir is found in the Believe™, Egyptian Gold™, En-R-Gee™, Gratitude™, Sacred Mountain™, and Transformation™ blends, and in the Deep Relief™ Essential Oil Roll-On. Balsam fir adds a unique, uplifting pine zest to these blends. Balsam fir is also available as a 5 or 15 ml essential oil single.

How do you use balsam fir? Please share your thoughts—I would love to learn from your experiences.

Toby Palmer
Product Manager—Essential Oils