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With the recent launch of Young Living’s new Signature Hair Care line, I’ve been thinking a lot about hair care. Finding the right hair-care regimen can be a challenge, especially with so many theories, rumors, and misinformation out there! So we took a look at some of the most common hair-care tips and separated the facts from the fiction. Take a look at our top picks:

1. Fiction: Washing your hair every day will make it fall out faster.

No matter what you do, you are going to shed about 100 strands of hair each day. When you rinse off less often, it may seem like you’re losing more hair because the water isn’t helping to wash away those loose threads.

2. Fiction: The right product can mend split ends.

Sorry to say, our strands are like Brad and Jen: once they’ve split, there is no reunion. The ends of your hair—the oldest part—have endured the most heat exposure, dye jobs, and brushing. All of these wear away the cuticle, leaving behind frayed edges that spread up your hair shaft. The only thing that will truly cure split ends is the snip of the scissors. Get into the habit of visiting your stylist once every six to eight weeks. Between visits, use both a rinse-out and a leave-in conditioner. Keeping your hair moisturized is one of the best ways to prevent split ends.

3. Fact: A blast of cold water at the end of your shower is better than warm for taming frizz and adding shine to your tresses.

A cold burst is the perfect way to rinse your hair. The cold water will help close the cuticle, the outermost coating of your hair strands. The cuticle is built like slats on a roof—one piece layered on top of the other all the way down to the shaft. Heat lifts those layers, which allows the moisture in your hair to escape and frizz to go wild. Cold water or even a cold blast from your blow dryer can seal the cuticle, helping your hair maintain moisture. Plus, smooth cuticles reflect light easily off their surface, so your hair has a healthy sheen. But this is only a temporary fix; if you are dealing with a super-damaged mane, your cuticle will rise once you start abusing it with appliances.

4. Fact: Stress can make your hair fall out.

Yes, it’s a fact! And this would be in addition to any pulling you do out of frustration. Extreme tension doesn’t just harm your heart and widen your waistline—it also wreaks havoc on your hair. Stress throws a wrench in your strands’ growing cycle, which can make it shed prematurely, and also tweaks the hormone levels that can trigger hair loss. Not to mention that anxiety sets up a roadblock between fuel and your follicles, so your hair doesn’t get the nutrients needed to keep growing.

5. Fiction: If I am using the right products, the way I dry my hair doesn’t matter.

An extremely hot blow dryer actually boils the water in your hair, causing little bubbles to form along the hair shaft and weaken each strand. Get used to taking your appliance’s temperature: Point the dryer at your hand first. If it is too hot on your hand, it is going to be too hot for your hair. Figure out how far the dryer has to be from your skin to avoid pain before you turn it toward your tresses.

6. Fiction: My hair isn’t really affected by my diet.

Just like stress wears on your follicles, so does what you take into your body. If you took all the hair you grew in one month and lined it up, your strands would add up to about three-quarters of a mile of hair—and it takes a lot of energy to produce strong, shiny strands. The best way to ensure your locks are maxing out their potential is to eat five to six ounces of lean protein every day, focusing on smaller meals to keep your energy up..

7. Fact: Your hair needs sun protection.

Your skin isn’t the only area that you need to protect from sun exposure. The sun can dry out your hair too, especially if it begins to oxidize any chemicals or color on your strands. Using a natural and restorative shampoo and conditioner will help. At the very least, grab an old-fashioned stand-by: a straw hat.

8. Fiction: You’re scoring a deal when you buy high-end shampoos, conditioners, and styling products on sale at the drugstore.

As good as the deal may seem, the product’s authenticity isn’t guaranteed unless they are bought from the distributor. Many products can be watered down. The only way to be certain of the best quality is to buy direct from your stylist or an authorized distributor of the product.

So was any of this surprising? Do you have tips you’ve tried or other hair-care myths or rumors you’ve debunked? Please share in the comments below! I’d also love hear your thoughts and experiences with our new hair care line.

And if you haven’t tried our new hair care products yet—you should! Not only are they made from plant-based ingredients, they also contain the therapeutic-grade benefits of the essential oils. It’s a pure aromatherapy experience for your strands and your senses!

I look forward to your comments,

Product Manager, Essential Care



  • Julie July 11, 2016 - 3:31 pm Reply

    Will these products fade color treated hair?

    • Young Living July 12, 2016 - 11:02 am Reply

      Hi Julie, All of the formulas have been tested and proven color safe. We cannot speak to any particular features with anyone’s hair type, but as far as stripping color neither blend has had issues with hair stripping. Thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Alex August 16, 2011 - 8:50 am Reply

    I just like the approach you took with this subject. It is not typical that you simply discover something so concise and informative.
    Is there anything a man can do when losing hair?

  • sonda April 10, 2011 - 8:08 pm Reply

    HEllo just diagnosed with thyroid nodules. have to take synthroid medication i have lost so much hair in three months its unreal . is there anything i can use to restore and regrow my hair. Or is there something i can take to help my hormone imbalance.

  • Laura Harmon March 11, 2011 - 10:19 pm Reply

    Is there anything a man can do when losing hair?

    • webmktg March 28, 2011 - 3:46 pm Reply

      Hi Laura,

      There are good essential oil recipes for tonics that can have benefits with hair loss or thinning hair. I’m including the top two that have gotten rave reviews.

      Hair Loss Tonic:
      10 drops of Rosemary
      10 drops of Lavender
      5 drops of basil
      4 ounces of jojoba oils

      Blend well in an amber bottle and massage a few drops into the scalp at night or apply them on your brush or comb and work through the hair thoroughly.

      More intensive Hair Growth Tonic:
      2 drops thyme essential oil
      2 drops Altas cerdarwood essential oil
      3 drops Lavender essential oil
      3 drops Rosemary essential oil
      3 ml teaspoon jojoba oil
      20ml grapeseed oil

      Mix thyme, cedarwood, lavender, and rosemary essential oils well in a small glass jar. After that add the remaining carrier oils. Mix thoroughly.
      Massage this recipe into the scalp for at least two minutes every night. Wrap your head in a warm towel after treatment to enhance absorption.
      Its suggested to use the blend recipe once daily on the scalp for an hour before washing your hair. Use this blend for about two weeks and then take a break for a week before restarting again.

      Let me know which one you try and how it goes!

      – Rebecca

  • NANCY EICH March 11, 2011 - 8:19 am Reply

    Sadly, my vanity is not ready to be gray-haired so I continue to color my hair. Currently, I shampoo every 2 days with Nioxin scalp treatment which is actually working very well but… being a YL distributor I realize that the company’s products are natural & vastly superior. Will coloring my hair affect your shampoo’s benefits?

    Once a week, I use the conditioner included with my hair color, which works very well. If I switch to the Signature shampoo is it necessary to switch to the conditioner as well.

    • webmktg March 28, 2011 - 3:42 pm Reply

      Hi Nancy,

      If you have a conditioner that already works for you, you can definitely use it in conjunction with the new shampoo. Coloring your hair won’t have any effect on our shampoo’s benefits. The new shampoos and conditioners were formulated to work together so you would get the most benefit from the essential oils. If you like the shampoo I would recommend trying the conditioner combo as well to see if there is an extra benefit for you. However, either the shampoo or conditioner can be used in conjunction with other products.

      – Rebecca

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